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Twitter for iPad : Of course the great economy managers can only attract enough customers onto FRAUDBAND by removing only real choice, ADSL2. Another f**ked buisness model where we pay the most for worlds 60th slowest internet. Brought to you by lnp for $60,000,000,000 of our money. Faarrrkkkkkkkkk

Twitter for iPad : “FTTP is “like a super highway that lots of lanes of traffic can flow down” at high speeds without interruption, he said.
By contrast, FTTN is “like a country lane road. It’ll do the job, but if you have two or three cars on it you’re going to get problems”, he said.”

Twitter for iPad : ‘The future is dire’: NBN’s problems will get worse as more people connect, experts warn | The New Daily thenewdaily.com.au/life/tech/2019… The national broadband network’s speed and reliability issues will only worsen as more households and businesses connect, experts have warned.”

Twitter for iPad : NSW Police continues investigation into actions of Hillsong preacher Brian Houston | The New Daily thenewdaily.com.au/news/national/…

Twitter for iPad : Not just students: Australia’s young and old push for action at the #ClimateStrike | The New Daily thenewdaily.com.au/news/national/…

Twitter for iPad : This is how propaganda works. When Rudd travelled extensively News Corp never referred to an ‘extraordinary’ schedule, preferring to ridicule it with negative language such as ‘jet setting’. Now, Morrison exceeds Rudd’s travel and News Corp lauds it as triumph. twitter.com/australian/sta…

Twitter for iPad : Andrew Probyn: “Scott Morrison is expert at blanking questions he doesn’t want to answer”.
Yes, and reporters shouldn’t let him get away with it.
#insiders #auspol

Twitter for iPad : 💧Michael West Alan Austin “2 failed Hockey budgets saw net worth collapse by a staggering $100.6 billion —down from negative $207.8 billion to an appalling negative $308.4 billion at June 2015, lowest ever. With all developed countries out of recession & global recovery accelerating, no excuse for loss”

Twitter for iPad : 💧Michael West Alan Austin “Aust’s net worth fell during GFC, as happened virtually everywhere. It recovered satisfactorily in ALP’s last year, 2012-13, elevating from negative $252.0 billion to negative $207.8 billion. Set to move back to positive numbers in ensuing years with policies ALP had in place”

Twitter for iPad : “During a year of record exports & corporate profits this blow-out is truly bizarre. In 2016-17, the Turnbull Govt added just $18.9 billion, which was considered excessive at the time. Labor added just $6.2 billion in 2012-13. That also was greeted with widespread condemnation”

Twitter for iPad : “Record net debt

Net debt increased in the financial year just ended from $342.0 billion to $373.6 billion. That is an expansion of a thumping $31.6 billion, or 9.24%.”

Twitter for iPad : “The Federal Government is desperate to depict the 2018-19 budget finalised on Thursday as evidence of a sound economy and budget repair well underway. It proves the opposite. Alan Austin reports.”

Twitter for iPad : They didn't quite get their feted surplus but do continue to smash all records when it comes to building Australia's debt, Alan Austin