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Twitter Web Client : TWO of my LAZY Secret Service agents - Dave and Mike - are VERY unprofesional! Because it happened AGAIN! I fell asleep on the toilet, and NEITHER of the them woke me up! DO YOUR JOB! #TuesdayThoughts #TuesdayMotivation

Twitter Web Client : VERY exited to take a 16-day holiday at My Mar-a-Lago resort! GOLF and Netflix! Can't wait to avoid those boaring National Security Briefings! My vacation will be the same time as my Trump Shutdown because the Cheap Mexicans REFUSE to pay 5 Billion for MY wall! #MondayMotivation

Twitter Web Client : At my National Security breefing, MY Low-IQ Generals only wanted to talk about how Russia was massing troops & 250 tanks near the boarder of Ukraine. BORING! EVERY time I interupted to ask about the War on Christmas, they just looked at me! Sad! #SaturdayThoughts #SaturdayMorning

Twitter Web Client : Budget Director Mick Mulvaney will be my new Acting Chief of Staffs. Nobody knows WHY Mulvaney said YES, when EVERYONE else - Nick Ayers, Jared Kushner, Chris Christie, Scott Walker & 27 others said NO to being my Chief of Staffs. Something is going on! What is Mulvaney up to?

Twitter Web Client : Maria Butina confesed to being a Russian Spy! But I NEVER slept with her! NEVER! Maria will DENY IT too! I gave her MANY chances, but she didn't EVEN TRY to sleep with me! WHY NOT? WHAT IS HER PROBLEM?! Does she think I'm old or fat? I'M NOT!! Investigaters should look into this!

Twitter Web Client : Bad day! Being President is hard! Michael Cohen going to jail for 36 months- thats 4 YEARS! National Enquirer is helping prosecuters about MY payments to McDougal! Trump shutdown in 9 days! & Ivanka says my top 3 choices for Chief of Staff are either fictional characters or Dead!

Twitter Web Client : NO! NO! NO! I just had a Oval Office meeting with Nancy Pelosi & Chuck Schumer. They MADE ME say My Federal Governement shutdown would be MY fault! Everyone's now calling it the #TrumpShutdown! Its not fare that they MADE ME say that! Im SMARTAR then them! #TuesdayThoughts

Twitter Web Client : Fake News - the enemy of the people - is saying I spelled "Smocking Gun" wrong! I DIDN'T spell it wrong! Theres no other way to spell Gun! I don't need to look it up! I went to the best schools! My uncle graduated from MIT!! #MondayMorning #MondayThoughts #SmockingGun

Twitter Web Client : I'm ANGRY! Nick Ayers REFUSED MY offer to be my new Chief of Staph! I told Ayers he'd be responsible for making all Domestic & Foreign Policy decisions (since that stuff is boring) & Low-IQ Ayers still SAID NO! Unbelievable! Ayers makes TERRIBLE decisions! Maybe he'll reconsider.

Twitter Web Client : Can’t wait til my Chief of Staff General John Kelly RESIGNS! Generals think they know more about the milatary then ME! They DON'T! I went to a private milatary high school! So I’m a Veteran to! I have MANY metals-like my Metal of Honor! Solid Gold–VERY Expensive! #SaturdayMorning

Twitter Web Client : Muellers sentancing guideline's for LOSER Michael Cohen says Individual-1 (thats ME!), directed a criminal conspiracy to violate federal election laws! Sad! I NEVER told Cohen to break the law IN WRITING! I told Cohen to break the law VERBALLY! So it's Cohen's word against MINE!

Twitter Web Client : EVERY DAY, I overhear the SAME things from my White House staff! “He doesn’t no how to spell!” "He has small hands!" He's going to jale!” “We're all screwed!” It doesn’t matter if its true! Its still Presidential Harassment! IT MUST STOP! #ThursdayThoughts #PresidentialHarassment

Twitter Web Client : My advisors tell me my stock market crashed 800 points because of investor uncertenty about my tariff policy! Investors are SO dumb! I LOVE Tariffs! I AM Tariff Man! Everyone gets rich with tariffs! Tariffs are like taxes, and taxes make people poor- which is why I HATE tariffs!

Twitter Web Client : EVERYONE says Parody Trump Donald J. Trump - is REALLY my 2nd Twitter Account!! Not True!! The VERIFIDE Account makes up facts & insults Everybody! Parody Trump makes up facts & insults President T! BIG Diffrence! To help support Parody Trump, visit...

Twitter Web Client : Mueller filed Michael Flynns sentancing memo with stuff blacked out with a BLACK MARKER! How can the so-called judge let Mueller do that? My lawyers get VERY ANGRY EVERY time I use MY black markers on my papers, desk or walls! Why can Mueller use black markers & I cant? NOT FAIR!

Twitter Web Client : NO sleap in 3 DAYS! Its MUELLERs fault! Everyone pleeding GUILTY! MY National Security advisor Michael Flynn, my campaign chairman Paul Manafort & my lawyer Michael Cohen! Mueller is preparing NEW charges! Don Jr/ Eric Trump: STAY QUIET or LIE to get your pardon! #TuesdayThoughts

Twitter Web Client : Loser Michael Cohen- who has small hands - wanted to get-off Scott Free! But I told Cohen that I wanted to get-off Scott Free! Now Scott says if its recorded, NO ONE will get him off for free! Scott says Mueller is going to charge ME! Now NO ONE is getting off! VERY FRUSTRATING!!

Twitter Web Client : Everyone - including Jews - are celabrating #Hanukkah! Hannaka is just like Christmas, but without as much Santa. Don Jr gave me some of his homemade Dreidel Soup with Bacon! Very Crunchy, but good! ...
#HappyHanukkah #MondayMorning #MondayMotivation

Twitter Web Client : George Bush led a succesful life. But NOT as succesful as ME! Just look at MY hotels! So many! With MY name on them! Big RED letters! Everyone talks about MY hotels! Bush didnt have hotels! Neither did Obama! Paris Hilton has hotels. She's hot, BUT NOT a president! #SundayMorning