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TweetDeck : Dana Loesch The Constitution and our laws are social contract between people.

If you violate that contract with a felony, the rest of society has the legal right to void the remainder of that contract with the offender, until such time as it determines.

TweetDeck : You shouldnt feel like you had to delete this, Cher. Youre entitled to your opinion, and no one has the right to take that away from you.

No one should be taken seriously for calling it a racist opinion, either. Its time to put an end to this. Its the real fascist threat.

TweetDeck : Difference btwn op-ed by NY Times editorial board “Phony Wall, Phony Emergency” & new column by lib Times writer Thomas Friedman as he admits-real crisis on border & best solution is “high wall w/ big gate”?
Answer: Friedman actually went to border.…

TweetDeck : You still haven't explained to the American people WHY you want it released.

Simply arguing for something like 'transparency' isn't enough. There's nothing in the Constitution which talks about the release of the records of a special investigator.…

TweetDeck : Well why do you think that is?

By absolving debt blindly, all you do is fund and inept and corrupt system, not solve the inherent problems of high tuition and value.…