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iPhone : My 18-yr-old... I just told him about Robert F. Smith saying he's going to pay off the student loan debt of 400 Morehouse seniors and he's all, "That's amazing, but we shouldn't have to rely on the generosity of a billionaire to not be trapped by student loans."

iPhone : As we celebrate Malcolm today, let’s strive to be wise. Let’s be part of the struggle to build a nation ruled by open thinkers and not stubborn believers, a nation where our policies and people are shaped and reshaped by wisdom--and not foolish beliefs, and not fools.

iPhone : Remember that every single billionaire could be doing this, and could be fixing global problems, but they aren't.

Occasional gestures and donations aren't enough to wash away the Macbethian spot of being a billionaire.…

iPhone : Polling that asks if, or refers to whether, people "believe in climate change" just reinforces that this it's a "belief" not a set of facts and is emblematic of so much of what's wrong with public discourse. Ask if people *recognize* climate change or accept the facts.

iPhone : More examples of what survivor activists have been saying for a long time: most anti-Title IX public officials and groups aren’t trying to make good public policy, they’re trying to fulfill a personal anti-survivor vendetta.…

iPhone : And much this...😭

"In other people's fantasies, we are rarely allowed to exist for ourselves. We exist only to be of service to others."

iPhone : Please join Kirsten Gillibrand, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, Elizabeth Warren and me in supporting organizations that protect the right to safe, legal abortion.

Donate today➡️

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iPhone : Any sexual assault policy that requires reporting to law enforcement basically means no one will use it. A small privileged few... And victims of cops have no where to turn

iPhone : Yup. They basically have just been for show. It's interesting to see them basically admit it... while leaving out the high sexual misconduct rates among cops…

iPhone : Hi! Good news for confused straight cis men: you DO get a choice when it comes to abortion!

Your chance happens before you have sex.

If you don’t know or agree with what your partner would do if you impregnated them, keep your penis to yourself & find something else to do!

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