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iPhone : While you're in your Mr. Rogers feels, a few things to remind you about his radical theology.


He was a Presbyterian minister whose life’s work was built almost entirely (if not entirely) around Leviticus 19:18 (Love your neighbor as yourself.)
Hence... the neighborhood.

iPhone : Women are so. fucking. TIRED. of carrying water for the men who fall into the "he's not great, but he's no Trump" camp

There are plenty of great MN Dem candidates who don't treat women like garbage. One of them replaced Al Franken, and she's doing great

iPhone : If the Democratic establishment can't stand up for The Squad, they are basically saying they can't/won't stand up for women who look like me and I won't forget it.

iPhone : Medical students at the #ParoNacional said they joined #RickyRenunciaAhora protests because the "government is so corrupt" and the money needed to meet Puerto Ricans' needs "go straight into politicians pockets." per Annie Rose Ramos…

iPhone : There has never been a point in history where telling people of color to go back where they came from hasn’t been racist. And in the 60s we still had racist immigration quotas that limited numbers of people who could come here depending on their race.…

iPhone : I don't know who needs to hear this, but as a grown man Al Franken made his own call about whether or when to resign — and it's the height of fancifulness to blame his departure from the Senate not on his choices, but on those of a woman.

iPhone : Not sure why when someone has to leave a high profile job, everyone thinks some grand injustice was done. Franken wasn't guillotined. His wealth wasn't appropriated. He was encouraged to resign one of the most powerful jobs. That's a good deal for someone with EIGHT accusers.

iPhone : Seems worth pointing out that there's an extremely capable Democratic woman who replaced Franken in the Senate and has never been accused of groping multiple people or otherwise violating her position of power, but what do I know?

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iPhone : I normally agree with everything |L I Z Z O| tells me to do but I’m currently at the airport waiting on a flight that’s delayed multiple hours and no I do NOT deserve this 🙅🏾‍♀️…

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