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Bio #Brexit. All content is original. Grew up in India. Ex-NHS Nursing sister, Barrister and Mediator. All followers welcome.
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Android :…

For anyone interested in forwarding this email to the Parliamentary Standards Office, I have raised an official complaint. If nothing else, send it to your MP. Rt Hon John Bercow MP - Speaker HoC Nigel Farage Boris Johnson #SpeakerBercow #GetBrexitDone #brexit

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Android : Steve Baker MP I have to be honest with you Steve I and many millions of UK citizens dont want any relationship with the EU other than a simple trade deal. No defence tie ups, Nothing but a clean Break from the Mafia like institution called the EU.

Twitter Web App : Nolte: Ronan Farrow Claims Hillary Clinton Pressured Him to Kill Weinstein Story

iPhone : The power and determination of those few elitists who will do absolutely anything to remain at any cost is actually getting scary! What would be exposed about the elitists such as Blair, Lord Hufflepuff, Swinson & every other person who has a ticket on the EU gravy train?

Android : Don’t be misled by assertions that “there will be NO EU Army” RT like fury. ⁦Veterans for Britain⁩ ⁦Daily ExpressJames Deegan MC⁩ ⁦Steve Baker MP⁩ ⁦Boris Johnson⁩ #TellTheTruth #Transparentgovernment.

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iPhone : #NonLeagueDay 12/10/19

No Sky TV, no VAR,
No punditry, no rip off bar,
Young or old, boy or girl,
See best football in the world

God bless Non-League Day,
Viva Non-League Day,
Long live Non-League Day,
Cest magnifique Non-League Day,
Magnifique Non-League Day

Non-League Day

Android : Kate please ask urgent question when HoC starts again. What authority did Bercow have negotiating with EP President Sassoli, usurping the U.K. Govt?Bercow should be fired for gross misconduct.…

Twitter for iPad : Dear Extinction Rebellion
Do something useful and go and help this cause...👇Sept 30th
4 German villages to be flattened to make way for open cast Coal Mining expansion
Ancient Forest to be cut down too 👇
Germany (2nd largest coal polluter in the world)…

iPhone : I gave the Liberal Democrats a piece of my mind earlier. Shame on them for their lies and deception.

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Android : Weve heard a lot from Jo Swinson and co about inflammatory language. On the same afternoon that she enjoyed a matey meeting with Guy Verhofstadt, he denounced Leavers and the UK PM as traitors in the EU Parliament then boasted on Twitter about doing it. Not a peep from Jo.