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Android : me when i get on the bus n the driver starts drivin before iVE SAT DOWN 😡

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Android : Being a brown parent aint easy.
Tbt the time I got a no.4 candle for my daughters birthday only to be disappointed as I found out she had only turned 3.
Me: jab mei tumhari jitni thi mei chaar saal ki thi.
Me: fine ill go buy a no.3 candle.

Android : a city with no historic relevance is so sad. these lights become annoying at one point and there’s nothing that speaks for the existence of this land, of the people that have ever found a home here.

Android : Been using Airlift for the past few day. Majority of riders are professional women/students who previously took Careem/Uber.

A fellow faculty member told me how her monthly transport cost has been slashed by 30,000PKR because of this wonderful service.