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iPhone : We know that Deutsche Bank gave Trump a loan when no other bank would touch him. Still, you’d need a guarantor for such a huge amount of $. It appears that Russ $ were,indeed, tied to this loan. It’s v interesting how many DB execs have suicided,some in suspicious circumstances…

iPhone : Christopher J. Hale The dog liked it, no doubt about it. In fact,s/he seemed to be trying to get that other guy to do it 1st. I think Bloomberg likes dogs & he picked up on that. The dog when back for more,clearly they liked it. I think it reminds them of rough housing w siblings when they were pups

iPhone : Only the best people! Rick Scott set up a Governor’s hotline for elderly in care facilities. Apparently, 14 died begging for help. None came. He deleted the voicemails. Clearly, another “expert” on perfect calls. Throw the whole lot of these heartless, corrupt scumbags out! 😡…

Twitter Web App : MSNBC This whole thread is mightily infested with trollbots. Beware. Our Russian "friends" are here, how heartwarming. (Nothing against nice Russian people, I'm talking the corrupt leadership)🤮

Twitter Web App : William Harrison MSNBC Oh, the old coup line of argument.🥱You mean the court approved surveillance that even yr own crooked crew cleared of wrongdoing. Obama wanted to announce the Russ.interference but Mitchy blocked it. Someone forced team Trump to have 272 points of contact w Russia. Try again.

Twitter Web App : Patrick MSNBC Produce something concrete like, perhaps, that complete transcript, for eg? If it's a perfect call, show us. You don't hide a phone transcript in a high security server if you don't have something to hide. Just sayin.'

Twitter Web App : Patrick MSNBC 🎵The chances of sense ever coming from trolls
are a million to one, she said,
The chances of anyone stopping those bots,
are a million to one,
So still they come.

Twitter Web App : Anna ❄️💄slinging G-ma 💋❄️ Hi Anna, I love that & RT it! I'm happy to FB but just so you're know, you're following a maga & those gainer a/cs FB anything, so you'll end up with a lot of bad a/cs in your TL. Just thought you'd like to know & you said no DMs. Best way to build is hang w a group of resisters.