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iPhone : من لا يتألم لا يتعلم
فالألم هو أقوى حافز للتغيير نحو الأفضل .

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TweetDeck : Kareem Abdul-Jabbar says that Quentin Tarantino failed as an artist with his portrayal of Bruce Lee portrayal, a friend and former teacher of the Laker legend…

TweetDeck : This is not the first time that the Religious Affairs Ministry has exceeded its authority and launched a campaign meant to encourage obedience to the laws of the Jewish religion…

Twitter Web App : Trump’s annoyance with an unfavorable poll led him to wrongly assert that he had control over the 2020 presidential debates.…

SocialFlow : Trumps pick to lead immigration agency is like putting Putin in charge of election security, presidential hopeful says

Twitter for iPad : I think everyone else stays away from him...I am determined to win his affection…

SocialFlow : Syrias first lady receives top medical care in Damascus hospital while husband bombs hospitals.

Top Human Rights Tweets of the Week

iPhone : Great to see lively fashion show in #Fallujah. But notice the neccessary armed guards in the frame.…

iPhone : Rep. Haaland and Sen. Warren: The federal government has a responsibility to write a new chapter in the story of its gov-to-gov relationship with tribal nations. A detailed legislative proposal being released today.… via Indian Country Today #ICTOpinion

Sprout Social : One of the first things I will do when elected president is pass the LIFT Act and raise incomes for struggling families up to $500/month. Its time we made the economy work for everyone.

iPhone : As Trump has alienated so many of our key allies, and brought low our standing in the world,

Congress must stand up.

Was proud to join Nancy Pelosi at the Munich Security Conference and champion human rights.

Showing leadership when the president won’t. That’s Nancy Pelosi.…

iPhone : In February, I helped the House pass #HR8, the Bipartisan Background Checks Act, to require background checks for firearm transfers between private parties.

The Senate must consider this legislation immediately.

We must act for our children & the generations yet unborn.

iPhone : America hears the people of Hong Kong.

President Donald J. Trump: It is unacceptable that you are not standing up to President Xi as he intensifies his crackdown on democratic rights in Hong Kong.

The Chinese Communist Party must face consequences.…

Android : I think its pretty funny that you misspelled of.

Also: New research found that people who wake up early are more productive than people who sleep in. Or as a Senator put it, Whoa — is it noon already?

See, we do have a sense of humor.


iPhone : As we recognize the 99th anniversary of the 19th amendments ratification, Im thinking about the countless women of color—including Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, and Mary Church Terrell—who were essential in the fight for women’s suffrage.

Sprout Social : Our planet 🌎needs attention TODAY--not 5️⃣ years from now.

House Democrats are working tirelessly to ensure EVERY American community is protected from the effects of climate change.…

Twitter Media Studio : It’s been two weeks since the deadly shootings in El Paso and Dayton.

We’ve waited long enough. It’s time for the Senate to act.

@SenateMajLdr McConnell, put the House-passed bipartisan background checks bill on the floor.

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Wildmoka : .Eric Deggans at NPR: People of color often have to deal with systemic racism and prejudice in all sorts of areas of life from education to employment. Its important I think to listen to those voices. I believe people of color are the canary in the coal mine for American society... #AMJoy

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Twitter Web App : .House Judiciary Dems refuses to sit idly by as more communities are devastated by gun violence. On Sept. 4, the Committee will come back into session to take up a series of bills to combat the gun violence epidemic that has gripped our nation. Read more here:…

Twitter Web App : Trumps economic chickens are coming home to roost & a Democratic President is going to have to it clean up.


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iPhone : No other candidate in this race has made reproductive rights as much of a priority as I have—whether it’s being the first to put out a comprehensive policy agenda or highlighting it in the debates.

I wont stop fighting. Help keep me in the debates:…

iPhone : Do you think they were laughing just to humor me? #NationalTellAJokeDay

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Twitter Web App : Excited to announce this new project with my mom Hillary Clinton: “The Book of Gutsy Women,” about women who inspire us and challenge us. We can’t wait to share it with you on October 1!… #gutsywomen

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TweetDeck : Barr suggested that the problem of police violence is with the victims for not complying with police demands.
His speech was a slap in the face to families who have suffered from police violence.…

iPhone : #OTD 99 years ago, the 19th Amendment was ratified, granting white women the right to vote – but that right wouldn’t be extended to all women for another 45 years. We have to keep fighting to make sure EVERYONE has access to the ballot box.…

iPhone : Obstacles to voting threaten our democracy. Brennan Center President Michael Waldman explains how the U.S. needs to reform its voting process on this week’s #StayTuned. Listen now:

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Twitter Media Studio : Grateful to have the continued support of my colleagues in Congress as we fight to secure the safe return of the 112 still-missing #ChibokGirls. #BringBackOurGirls

Twitter Web App : Hearing great things about this weeks podcast. But mostly because folks LOVE my guest, former North Dakota Senator Heidi Heitkamp on 4 ways Dems can win rural America. (#4 is to listen to my damn podcast.) Listen now and subscribe at…

iPhone : When our children ask us what we did when innocents were massacred, the president fomented racism, and immigrants were caged and cast as sub-human, what will we tell them? Each of us owns our individual response. And our collective response answers who we are as a country.

SocialNewsDesk : Colorado couple critically injured after Jeep rolls 450 feet down side of mountain…

True Anthem : Project Wildflower, also known as Xerox Corporation, has tapped Cary, N.C. for an expansion over competing sites in Dallas, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Pittsburgh, Norwalk and Austin.…

SocialNewsDesk : Multiple agencies searching for missing firefighters who went fishing near Port Canaveral…

iPhone : With experience comes decades worth of personal stories: Recent Iowa grad Katie & her mom this weekend told Joe Biden he changed her life after their meeting in 2007. CBS News

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TweetDeck : ZeroLandfill Atlanta 2019 is entering its seventh year. The event has helped to recycle over 275,000 pounds of discontinued architectural and interior design samples, all to be given to educators and artists throughout Atlanta.…

TweetDeck : Did you know over the span of a year, the city paid less than 25% of pothole claims? MONDAY AT 5: Why the odds of getting your money back arent promising.

Hootsuite Inc. : When Todd asks Pippa to go on a ride, she gets really excited. “She runs over to me, and if I get out the goggles or the backpack, she knows what’s going on. She loves it.”

TweetDeck : The program is designed to raise the profile of GOP challengers by floating their names to the media , big donors and consultants. Candidates must meet a series of benchmarks for things like fundraising and campaign infrastructure to qualify #gapol…

Hootsuite Inc. : In abortion case DeKalb DA Sherry Boston fights order against doing what she says she won’t do #gapol

Twitter Web App : Here’s this week’s best and worst restaurant scores around metro #Atlanta. CBS46 Big Pie in the Sky #RRC #GoldenSpatula #BoyThatsGood…

iPhone : It may not be at the top of most Americans’ minds but tackling voter suppression is fundamental to addressing issues with the economy, climate change, and healthcare. It’s the only way we have a fair fight in the policy making process.

Stacey Abrams Fair Fight Action #gapol…

iPhone : This week, nearly 50,000 students, 6,000 educators & staff returned to school, marking our 6th #APSFirstDay together‼️ I’m still excited & proud to serve APS! Read my blog to 👀 how far weve come for EVERY student to have choice-filled life! 🙌🏽…

iPhone : Thanks to the courage and tireless efforts of women across the country, the 19th amendment was ratified 99 years ago today. As we commemorate this anniversary, we continue the fight for full equality and for equal access to the ballot box for all Americans.

TweetDeck : DeKalb Co.: Road work in left lane of I-20/wb before Wesley Chapel Road (Ex. 68), west of Panola Road (Exit 71). Expect onlooker delays. #ATLTraffic

iPhone : “When asked to kill a relatively anodyne reference to an Orange Skull I realised that perhaps it had been irresponsible to be playful about the dire existential threat we now live with, and I withdrew my introduction.”…

Twitter Web App : Crews have turned on an 6-inch main at 3775 Jailette Rd SW (Casa Verde Dr.). Water service has been restored to approximately 35 businesses and three hydrants. We apologize for any inconvenience the disruption in water service may have caused.#DWMatWork #ATLWatershed

Tweetlogix : Meanwhile, Acuña took the benching in stride.

Video: @FoxSportsBraves

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Twitter Media Studio : “All of these modern institutions and all of these modern things that Americans struggle with can be traced back to slavery and the anti-Black racism that developed to support it.” –Ida Bae Wells

Watch the whole thing. Then explore the #1619Project here:

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iPhone : So this is making the rounds. Its certainly one of the absolute worst lists Ive ever seen, the kind that quickly and firmly beats a love of reading out of any kid, and the Florida Department of Education SHOULD be ashamed. But Im not surprised.…

Facebook : This weeks show has posted and we welcome Janelle Jones to the……

TweetDeck : The 19th amendment was ratified 99 years ago, giving women the right to vote. But Black women still faced many more obstacles to voting, and Black people continue to battle voter suppression today.

House Democrats are fighting to ensure that everyone has a voice at the polls.

SocialFlow : Your neighbors are posting on Patch. Heres the latest. (The views expressed in this post are the author’s own.)

TweetDeck : We dreamed of those we was stolen from... Felt like ease to imagine they remained, had not been stolen, would never be. Two-time #NBAwards Winner Jesmyn Ward joins fifteen other writers bringing African-American history to life.…

iPhone : I see the 1st Day of School pics. Im stalking Etsy for Carter’s 1st Day of PreK shirt.

Imagine that excitement and being ripped away from your child while at work as they are left alone and afraid.

MS didnt have to happen. Find a way to get in the way. #FamiliesBelongTogether

iPhone : It’s a great day in the city! Thank you to everyone who joined us today for the ribbon cutting for the new playground at Mozley Park. The new playground is absolutely wonderful!

Twitter Web App : Its that time of year again! Mark your calendars now for Old Fourth Ward Fall Fest at Historic Fourth Ward Skatepark and Lantern Parade 2019 on the Eastside Trail! 🏮🍂🍁🎊🎉#o4wff…

Twitter Web App : I will use the full force of the presidency to combat hate crimes and root out white supremacist threats wherever they are. Here’s how we’re going to do it:

iPhone : Gun violence is a public health crisis. Our House approved funding for $50 million to fund gun violence research months ago, and it’s sitting in the Senate.

It’s time for the Senate to approve this funding. Lives are depending on it.…

Twitter Media Studio : Yvette is a caretaker to two young boys. She depends on comprehensive childcare services to help her get by. Her story is just one reason W&M Dems are fighting so hard for #paidfamilyleave.

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Twitter Web App : Only two weeks away now. I hope youll spread the word.

A complex study...a richly documented indictment of power and corruption that bears urgent discussion in the coming electoral cycle.

Kirkus Reviews

You can pre-order it now at Macmillan Books:…

iPhone : Here are some of the most climate-vulnerable foods we could lose:
- coffee
- wine grapes
- olives
- berries, citrus and stone fruits
- almonds
- avocados
- alfalfa that feed cattle

Twitter Web App : Asked why she persisted in the fight for women’s suffrage, ratified August 18, 1920, Alice Paul said:

“When you put your hand to the plow, you can’t put it down until you get to the end of the row.”

With thanks to our forebears for all theyve fought for, the work continues.

Twitter Web App : The U.S. Senate Youth program is a unique look at the federal government at a special week of meetings and events in Washington, D.C., for junior & senior high school students. Learn more & apply by Oct. 4 at:…. GA Dept of Education

Twitter Web App : .Ryan Boyer in a keeper league trade offer. I get Gallo (who will be a Free Agent), Paddock and Gary Sanchez. I trade Romine and Kershaw. Should I?

iPhone : Just spent an embarrassing amount of time looking for food that it turns out I already ate.

iPhone : People who are upset by the 1619 Project are not unaware of the cruel fact that America was born buying & selling people. BUYING. & SELLING. PEOPLE. They know. But they want those who follow and worship them not to know, so they can continue to rule and profit and claim virtue.

Android : America deserves our optimism, deserves our courage.
Pete Buttigieg.

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iPhone : In case anyone needed to hear this....

Seeking asylum is a human right.
Seeking asylum is a human right.
Seeking asylum is a human right.
Seeking asylum is a human right.
Seeking asylum is a human right.
Seeking asylum is a human right.
Seeking asylum is a human right.

iPhone : Judging from the right wing reaction to #1619Project Im convinced most think 1953 was when America was truly great, right before Brown vs. Board Supreme Court decision, before segregation was illegal. Im glad all the racism and loathing is out in the open. Everyone can see it.

iPhone : Does anyone else start getting uncomfortable the moment you see Donald J. Trump‘s face/hear his voice?

I get physically unwell, expecting to hear the worst news, or ideas, ever. Often, I’m right.

#lies #AnyoneButTrump2020 #FactsMatter #Election2020 #Biden2020 #Narcissist #sad

iPhone : If Stacey Abrams actually cared about the integrity of elections, she’d concede the Georgia governor’s race that she lost by 55,000 votes.

Instead she’s on national TV today still thinking she won.

Completely ridiculous.