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iPhone : perspective as you’re learning since it takes patience, hard work and practice., patience being the hardest for many since we all want to be productive. Find more skilled ppl to work with like Will or Tim MalcomVetter to confirm your direction & practice,practice,practice. 😈

iPhone : Takeaway for the SpecterOps red team ops course: I have a lot to learn and I’m so excited about that. It’s easy to take a course like this and leave discouraged by the gaps it shines a light on but I see an opportunity to grow & become more proficient. You need to keep...

iPhone : Anyone else had an issue where Google Chrome just starts prompting to translate every page you visit? I get a prompt on every site I visit and it wasn’t happening yesterday. This is on macOS. Finally ended up blowing away Chrome and plan to reinstall. Known issue maybe?

Twitter Web App : Advice for anyone who wants to take the Specter Ops red team ops course & HAS NOT used Cobalt Strike C2. Be sure to watch the videos by A. Hacker so that you have an understanding of the tool since it's used extensively.

Twitter Web App : Me listening to Will talking about domain trusts.....

iPhone : With feedback from 12,000 customers and more than two petabytes of data analysis, we were able to examine and dive deep into a large, complex, and diverse set of data. All of which had one thing in common: a need to empower their defenders to be more nimble and efficient…