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Twitter Web App : BLOG: जवानों की शहादत और उसकी कीमत…

SocialFlow : Privately, doctors feel despair about their appalling working conditions and the deteriorating doctor-patient relationship. But there have been no marches on Washington, no picket lines, no social-media campaigns. Why not?

iPhone : Prominent leaders of #Ladakh have made a fervent appeal to the Centre to declare the region a tribal area under the Sixth Schedule of the Constitution, saying the biggest concern for its people is to protect their land and identity.

Twitter Web App : Tathagata Roy Youre the bigoted Nazi here Mr Roy, unfit to be on the post you now hold and abuse. Youre the anti national, the one opposed to the India we love. Youre a Twitter troll who became Governor because Modi cant fill Constutional posts with qualified, decent people.

iPhone : बाधाएं आती हैं आएं
घिरें प्रलय की घोर घटाएं,
पांवों के नीचे अंगारे,
सिर पर बरसें यदि ज्वालाएं,

निज हाथों से हंसते-हंसते,
आग लगाकर जलना होगा।

कदम मिलाकर चलना होगा।

~अटल बिहारी वाजपेयी

Twitter Media Studio : This newborn is taking her first look at the world in Niger.

The first 1,000 days can shape a child’s future. That’s why the right nutrition, stimulation and care – or eat, play, love – are essential to a baby’s brain development. #EarlyMomentsMatter

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TweetDeck : Several top cricketers are expected to attend the meeting in the presence of at least one Committee of Administrators (CoA) member. They are expected to deliberate on the issue at length. #BCCI #conflictofinterest

SocialFlow : A data-manipulation episode involving a drug that costs $2.1 million tests an executive who is trying to rebuild trust in the company

Twitter Web App : Ex-Haryana CM and Cong leader Bhupinder S. Hooda said that his party is not the same Congress it used to be.…

Twitter Web App : Bangladesh govt convenes meeting to resolve crisis in raw-hide sector.Commerce Ministry of Bangladesh is holding a meeting to resolve the tussle between rawhide merchants and tanners on the issue of low prices for animal hide and govt decision to allow exports

TweetDeck : AITA will look to convince world body ITF into changing the venue of their Davis Cup tie against Pakistan in Islamabad with team captain Mahesh Bhupathi likely to play a key role in the tele-consultation on Monday.…

Twitter Media Studio : I never really learned how to cook. I’m finally learning my way around the kitchen, though, thanks to Robert Hand:

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iPhone : Toni Morrison was a national treasure, as good a storyteller, as captivating, in person as she was on the page. Her writing was a beautiful, meaningful challenge to our conscience and our moral imagination. What a gift to breathe the same air as her, if only for a while.

Twitter Web App : In the 1930s, the great physicist KS Krishnan moved to Kolkata from Dhaka. Before leaving, he endowed three student prizes, named for his scientific heroes: C. V. Raman, Srinivasa Ramanujan and P. C. Ray. I am told these prizes are still awarded annually in Dhaka University.

TweetDeck : 98% of the respondents plan to make some investments in China in 2019, with two-fifths considering ramping up their investments over 2018


SocialFlow : A poll found that 45% of people who admitted to crying at work said it was because of their bosses or co-workers. Only 19% of respondents who had cried said that personal, non-work issues were the reason

SocialFlow : इमरान ख़ान प्रधानमंत्री के तौर पहले साल में फ़ेल या पास?

Twitter Web App : Amit Shah) 's Twitter Profile">Amit Shah #NewsAlert – Vote bank politics has caused loss to the nation in many ways. Triple talaq is one such example: Home Minister Amit Shah) 's Twitter Profile">Amit Shah. | #TripleTalaqBill

SocialFlow : Relaxing the rules around the ivory trade could encourage poaching—the ban must stay

TweetDeck : The Election Commission has asked the government to give it statutory backing to collect Aadhaar numbers of new applicants and existing voters to check multiple entries in electoral rolls.…

Twitter Web App : Ashes 2019: England extend lead at Lords, Australias Smith ruled out
#Ashes #Ashes19 #Cricket #ENGvAUS #SteveSmith…

TweetDeck : Restrictions were eased in 35 police station areas of J&K while 17 telephone exchanges, out of the total 96, were made functional, J&K Principal Secretary Rohit Kansal had said on Saturday.…

SocialFlow : Grated lemon zest gives this zucchini bread a gentle brightness, while brown sugar adds a caramel sweetness, and cinnamon makes it spicy and rich.

iPhone : In India Today Jab We Met Jamyang Tsering Namgyal Jamyang Tsering Namgyal talks about the Parliamentary speech that made him an overnight national sensation. Saw folks from faraway Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, West Bengal cue up to take selfies with the young MP.

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SocialFlow : A psychologist explains how our brains can be susceptible to fatal distractions.

True Anthem : Spain offers port to stranded migrants, Italys Salvini claims victory…

iPhone : This will be remembered as the age of Amit Shah in the history of the BJP. Not only has he ensured that rival parties are left eating dust, but he has also made the BJP the richest party in Asia.

SWAT Analysis by Swati Chaturvedi

Android : Probably the best reaction we have got for our #HappyHanuman t-shirt.
Its amazing when our intentions & purpose is understood / appreciated in this manner🙏
#DeshBhakt merch is available on : दिल्ली से गृहमंत्री Amit Shah #LIVE
जनता ने हमारे काम पर मुहर लगाई है. ट्रिपल तलाक़ एक कुप्रथा थी.
Amit ShahOffice

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Twitter for iPad : Imran Khan raises nuclear bogey, says world must consider safety of India’s arsenal under Narendra Modi

ThePrints senior associate editor for foreign affairs NAYANIMA BASU reports:

Android : [Literary white] flight allows whiteness to function as if it were universal, a stand-in for “human,” rather than a particular racial category that relies on blackness for its expression, Ismail Muhammad writes.…

Buffer : Americans with less education are more likely to say that local news is important to them (and to get it from TV)…

Hootsuite Inc. : Foreign Correspondents Club expresses grave concern over attack on journalist covering protest at Hong Kong airport, says right of journalists to go about their work free from intimidation or violence should be respected.

iPhone : Pleasure to supervise this excellent report on secrets of podcast success…

iPhone : Since people are talking about Gamergate again, I thought I would link to the research alicetiara and I published in 2017, showing how Gamergate became a learning moment for a range of reactionary groups online…

Twitter Web App : Shoaib Akhtar lashes out at Jofra Archer for not checking up on injured Steve Smith…

TweetDeck : If you see misinformation on Instagram, you can now report it directly to a fact-checker for verification.…

iPhone : Rwanda’s growth always seemed a bit off. This highlights the need for closer scrutiny of government statistics.…

TweetDeck : .Stuart Palley is among a handful of photographers in the United States to have gained “vendor” photographer status for the Forest Service…

Buffer : Submit an Africa-focused proposal focused on digital identification for a chance to win training and funding from Africa-China Project. Deadline Sept. 20.

Hootsuite Inc. : Increasingly, journalists withhold details of mass shooters and suicides to discourage copycats. Should that “strategic silence” be extended to extremist speech, misinformation, and propaganda, too?…

iPhone : Our social media feeds are kept clean by the unsung and poorly remunerated labour of countless thousands of human beings who have to risk traumatisation so that we shall not.” John Naughton on Sarah T. Roberts’s Behind the Screen…

Buffer : Discover exciting opportunities to further your career in IJNet’s weekly newsletter.

TweetDeck : This fall, New World Symphony will inaugurate its new Viola Visions summit — a five-day celebration highlighting the viola’s top artists through concerts, seminars and master classes. More on the festival, supported by Knight: #knightarts #NWSViolaVisions

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Android : This year marks the 10th anniversary of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.
Find out what it covers and how it protects your rights ↓

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Buffer : Half of U.S. adults say they have avoided talking to someone because they thought that person might bring made-up news into the conversation

TweetDeck : The Financial Times has started incorporating polls into its email newsletters in an effort to encourage readers to interact more regularly with its content and ultimately increase subscriber retention. Early signs show it’s working.…

Twitter Web App : How did 89.3 KPCC and LAist adapt the public radio fundraising strategy for a digitally native audience? Targeted asks, a landing page explaining the nonprofit model to readers and 🥑great merch🥑

More details in the latest American Press Institute Better News piece:…

iPhone : People really love slagging-off media studies dont they. My mum was a media studies lecturer when I was growing up. It was incredibly healthy to have someone able to talk critically about what that box in the living room was beaming out.

Twitter Web App : “Here’s how newsrooms pay journalists who code, design, and analyze data” by Soo Oh…

Android : Our analysis of a large collection of fact-checked news articles on a variety of topics shows that, on average, fake news articles use more expressions that are common in hate speech, as well as words related to sex, death, and anxiety.

Twitter Web Client : We are looking for a full-time Program and Research Assistant to join our ICFJ Knight team. If you have an interest in media and #journalism, and a track record of paying attention to detail, apply now:

iPhone : Einen besseren Start in den Qualitätsjournalismus als bei der dpa kann ich mir auch 25 Jahre und einige Stationen später kaum vorstellen. Happy Birthday - und danke!…

iPhone : If I had money for every time I was blanked my men in (relative) power in the media. Especially when I’m at same conference. Is there a word for this? #manblanked? Am I invisible, is our industry still so male that women don’t belong

iPhone : This week’s ⁦Tortoise⁩ editor’s voicemail, in which I reflect on whether we’re giving away our faces to big brother…

TweetDeck : Stories like this must seem surreal to folks living in … well, just about anywhere there’s a rational single-payer health care system.

One night in the hospital: $8,342 of which the patient is still responsible for $3,000 AFTER INSURANCE. Good lord.…

iPhone : A ‘million man’ march in full force in the south of Yemen in support of STC’s secessionist demands.…

TweetDeck : It’s the 11th weekend of protests in Hong Kong. No one knows how this is going to end. But one thing is becoming clear: Some people are taking no chances and moving their money out of the city now.…

iPhone : Im sure the prime minister will observe the letter of the law.

Energy minister Kwasi Kwarteng MP says he doesnt think the government will necessarily lose a vote of no-confidence - and insists if they did, the PM would honour that vote.


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AgoraPulse Manager : Five ways to avoid digital transformation burnout…

MediaPost : Beto ORourke says social media platforms should lose Section 230 protection, unless they ban hateful activities, Wendy N. Davis

iPhone : “I will never see happiness in my life again”. Islamic State claims responsibility for Kabul wedding hall blast. Probably see uptick in these attacks as US talks w Taliban continue. Appalling brand building.…

Twitter Web App : Its here! I am beyond excited to share the cover of my book The Day That Changed My Life with Black & White. I was greeted with such warmth, generosity and openness among 31 truly extraordinary women & I am beyond thrilled to share a sneak peek of whats to come in October 😍🙌…

iPhone : “... ballet has survived for centuries because hundreds of thousands of people decided that it should. That is what culture is, after all: people deciding, en masse, that something matters.”…

Twitter for iPad : «Λεφτέρ - O Έλληνας που έγινε θρύλος στο τουρκικό ποδόσφαιρο». Ένα web-ντοκιμαντέρ της DW Greek και DW Türkçe για τον Λευτέρη Αντωνιάδη, τον Έλληνα που έγραψε τη δική του ιστορία στην Fenerbahçe SK και την Εθνική Τουρκίας.…

Twitter Web App : Pēteris Krišjānis Sanita Jemberga Runa jau nav tikai par žurnālistiem, kuriem šī informācija nebūs pieejama vai būs pieejama ar laika nobīdi. Šīs izmaiņas attieksies arī uz bankām un jebkuru citu lietotāju, kurš šobrīd ātri un vienkārši var pārliecināties, kuram cilvēkam uzņēmumā ir paraksttiesības, utt.