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Twitter Web App : I'd encourage all of you to read -- actually read -- the reported essays in the #1619project. If these ideas or facts are new to you, if they upset you or make you uncomfortable, if they challenge your idea of America, ask yourself: why? nytimes.com/interactive/20…

Twitter Web App : In August of 1619, a ship carrying enslaved Africans arrived at a port in Virginia.
On the 400th anniversary of this fateful moment, it is finally time to truthfully tell the story of black Americans β€” and of America itself.

Twitter Web App : Thomas Jefferson has a lot to say about a #CROOKEDPRESIDENT!

β€œWhen the speech condemns a free press (like saying #FakeNews when you disagree), you are hearing the words of a tyrant.”

β€œDo you want to know who you are? Dont ask. ACT! Action will delineate and define you”

Twitter Web App : A few weeks ago, a bunch of us were pissed AF at the NY Times for its cover whitewashing the #CROOKEDPRESIDENT.

But I will be buying my print issue of #1619Project, which covers the slavery-stained America that trump considers Great, but wants us to forget.


Twitter Web App : It turns out that some TERFs have been actively encouraging trans people who post on r/suicidewatch to kill themselves. So if you're a trans person who uses that sub, please be careful and stay safe.

Twitter Web App : The hammer in this clip came from the fascists, not antifa.

Andy Ngo isn’t a journalist. He’s an instigator whose sole purpose is baiting gullible journalists into overreacting to antifa. twitter.com/mrandyngo/stat…

Twitter Web App : Donald J. Trump The number one terror threat in America are...


your supporters. Not antifa, not black identity extremists... YOUR β€œVERY FINE PEOPLE,” You gaslighting fraud.


Twitter Web App : This is exactly what the Proud Boys want: Permission to fight, and assurance that all of their previous assaults will be forgiven as long as an anti-fascist is filmed punching someone in the face. The president just gave them his endorsement twitter.com/realDonaldTrum…

Twitter Web App : I want to salute all the amazing contributors and the great Ida Bae Wells for delivering to us, and to history, this project, an incredible body of work.


Twitter Web App : Will it be enough? β€œArizona, Nevada and Mexico will be required to take less water from the Colorado River for the first time next year under a set of agreements that aim to keep enough water in Lake Mead to reduce the risk of a crash.” azcentral.com/story/news/loc…

Twitter Web App : How Trumps day is going so far.

1. β€œWere ordered not to protest” is what union members were told at last Trump speech
2. Which leads to #EmptySeatMAGATour
3. #ObamaAve is back πŸ™Œ
4. The economy is crashing and he blames HIS appointee

So, I’d say, pretty well πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ no riots yet

Twitter Web App : In order to be paid & qualify for time & a half that week, Shell mandates the union crowd stand all day without lunch & support Trump without showing any act of resistance. This is not how the democratic process should work. #BoycottShell. post-gazette.com/business/power…