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Bio Currently: Designer at @ProPublica. Formerly: @abookapart, @Harmonix, @happycog. Perpetually: Art, music, film. If you’re evil, I’ll forgive you by and by.
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Tweetbot for Mac : It's 2019 and everything is a trashfire but I'm starting to see a really lovely resurgence of interesting and thoughtfully executed personal websites*, so I'm starting a thread to keep track of them all.

*Bonus points if the personal website is also a blog.

Tweetbot for Mac : Ticket scalpers make me wonder if I should reevaluate my opposition to capital punishment.

Tweetbot for Mac : Lynn is an evil genius and we do not deserve her.…

Tweetbot for Mac : I wonder if they’ll round out the set with unlistenable nonsense just to piss off the audience, classic Bungle style. Regardless, I’m there!…

Tweetbot for iΟS : I know it’s punk rock and it’s the late show and everything, but this isn’t someone’s basement. A 30-minute set from the headliner? Weak.

Tweetbot for Mac : data.fart() Thanks! But that’s just for the start of a string, right? Would that also cover a sentence in the middle of a string?

Tweetbot for Mac : Can anyone recommend tattoo artists who do architectural designs? Preferably in NYC, but I’ll travel to work with the right person.

Tweetbot for iΟS : So I’m in Nashville this weekend, and statistically speaking, I must be invited to at least one of these bachelorette parties, right?

Tweetbot for Mac : I don’t know how CSS quantity queries escaped my notice for this long, but I am pleased to make their acquaintance.…