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Twitter Web App : "The vast and profound corruption of the language eventually produced people who were incapable of perceiving their own mendacity." Kolakowski, on communist society.

Twitter Web App : "The power of words over reality cannot be unlimited since, fortunately, reality imposes its own unalterable conditions." -- Leszek Kolakowski. Take that, you progressive totalitarians! #istandwithmaya

Twitter Web App : If the story I talk about here isn't evidence for the terminal decadence of our civilization, what is? Tucker Carlson…

Twitter Web App : The shooter was stopped within three seconds, preventing further carnage, by a law abiding citizen carrying a firearm. He is a hero. You are a moron.…

Twitter Web App : This 1984 Milan Kundera essay helped me better understand why it matters so much to people in the former Soviet bloc that we not call them "Eastern European," but rather Central European.…

Twitter Web App : Sohrab Ahmari Me too, though I don't wanna be! All the cool kids prefer Dostoevsky, but Tolstoy could write rings around him.

Twitter Web App : James Morrow How very strange, this coincidence. I would have said the exact same thing about both (tho technically, HOG is a 2017 book), except I wouldn't have felt right saying that about Serotonin, because I got so bored and disgusted that I couldn't finish the damn thing.

Twitter Web App : Zack Stentz And on top of that, there's the matter of the kids' exercise and toilet needs. I'm thinking of those long road trips from Dallas to south Louisiana, with rest and relaxation stops for three little kids, and a dog.

Twitter Web App : Living in a poor state doesn't mean living poor! In today's episode of "Lives Of The Bishops," we peek in on Mgr Bransfield and his $4.6 mil bachelor pad, where he got lit on episcopal sizzurp (Cointreau) and hit on smokin' hot young priests & seminarians.…

iPhone : To my anti-Zionist friends: If you've ever wondered why Jews, after centuries of living as minorities under gentile majorities, decided they needed their own state and army: too many days like today. You don't have to like how the state turned out to understand why it's there.

iPhone : This is what “progressive” politics gets you:
Bail reform sets suspects free after string of anti-Semitic attacks…

Twitter Web App : If we were still in the New York / New Jersey area I’d be sitting Seth down today to tell him he couldn’t wear a kippah on his commute anymore. He’d wear baseball hats in Europe and Turkey. Never, ever thought we’d have to hide our Jewishness in New York. NEW YORK.

Twitter Web App : Zack Stentz I haven't -- sci fi and horror aren't my jam, but maybe I should rethink. This is a very good series.

Twitter Web App : It's the 7th night of Chanukkah. There have been 10 anti-Semitic attacks this week. Five Jews were stabbed with a machete tonight celebrating the holiday of lights. America, it's time to decide who you want to be.

Twitter Web App : Griffin Gulledge Nathan Tarr Sharper Image It's an odd thing. The recommendation is 1 lb of blanket for every 10 lbs of body weight. I followed that a couple of years ago, but it was too heavy. This 20 lb blanket is perfect -- though it's only for me, not my wife, who would hate something so heavy.