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Android : Of course it *should* an alternative universe where Brexiters have a different worldview and a programme/plan to bring it about. Change makers.

What's become starkly apparent is they aren't change makers; just barbarians at the gate with no clue of what comes next.

Android : That's it for tonight

Today was a special day for UK law

Supreme Court asserted the rule of law and separation of powers

It did not seize any power for itself but handed power stolen by the executive back to parliament

And only those who want arbitrary government can complain

Android : Those who should cheer most loudly for the Supreme Court today are the eurosceptics and Brexiteers.

Hahahaha. Like thats going to happen.…

Android : Dominic Cummings, we’re repeatedly told draws decision trees, yet the government has no response to one of the three only outcomes of the Supreme Court case.

Android : Never in a million years [or at least 3 years ago] did I imagine I'd agree with this but here we are.

We live in astonishing times.…

Android : Eurosceptics & Brexiters for 30 years: "The British constitution is superior and so are our institutions.
They've stood the test of time.
Mother of Parliaments.
Common law beats continental Roman law."

Now: "Smash it all up! You f***ing bastard constitutional lawyers!"

Android : WATCH: Explosive stuff from Dominic Grieve who tells me:

- Boris Johnson should resign
- He has done a vast amount of damage and dishonoured himself
- Dominic Cummings should quit or be sacked
- Cummings is willing to see anything smashed and isnt fit to be in govt.

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Android : Interesting that he says the Supreme Court decision on prorogation won't deter him from ensuring the UK leaves the EU on 31 October as if prorogation was somehow connected with leaving on that date. I've said it before: he's a cross-examiner's dream.…