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iPhone : This a million times.

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iPhone : I'm happily overwhelmed by how much good journalism published nationwide this week. This Sunday, take a moment to slow down & read some of this work. Also, please post other news that may have recently moved you, challenged you or taught you something new about the world.

iPhone : in Jan 2009, the govt Obama inherited was running $1-T budget deficit

GOP ripped him throughout his term for running up debt

when Obama handed off to Trump, deficit had been cut below $600-B, to 3.2% of GDP

now deficit’s back to $1-T, 5.1% of GDP

iPhone : On my way to the Dream Cruise on Woodward to see everybody’s old schools. Who in Detroit pulling up?

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iPhone : Daily Mail US Propane Jane™ Ask me again why people kneel...#SMDH

She was wrong on multiple levels. Pulled a gun on teens. Called the police because she just *knew* that her actions were justified. THANK YOU to the responding officers that recognized the stupidity and got these kids safely back home.

iPhone : Husband of white woman who pulled a gun on black teens raising money for their football team was jail administrator who resigned after refusing to take her mugshot

iPhone : Trump's large union crowd at Shell was given the option of not showing up -- and not getting paid | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette…

iPhone : How sad it must be to be a Trump supporter

Believing that scientists, scholars, teachers, economists, & journalists have devoted their entire lives to deceiving you, while a reality TV star with decades of fraud and documented lying is your only beacon of truth & honesty.

iPhone : Fact-checking most politicians requires weighing their claims against the known facts. Fact-checking Trump often requires a futile search for any facts at all.

iPhone : ‘American can’t move forward if people are hungry.’ — This food bank CEO is dispelling the myths and stereotypes about people on food stamps

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iPhone : Jake DiMare Jay Rosen Unfortunate but probably true. Pictures of some sort, be it the scene cleared of victims or an ER bay in the aftermath would go a long way. People could begin to understand/feel how truly horrific gun violence is in this country.

iPhone : Here are some bills that have passed the House but that Mitch McConnell refuses to bring to a vote in the Senate:

-Equality Act
-Bipartisan Background Checks Act
-Raise the Wage Act

This is ridiculous. RT if you've had enough.

iPhone : Joyce Alene Sooo....he sees the writing on the wall and wants to deny any and all responsibility? He won’t be re-elected and we’ll go into a recession that he generated. Great. But he will be gone so there’s that....