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iPhone : Philip Hammond, ex-Chancellor, seriously suggests in today’s Times that one reason the Prime Minister may want a hard Brexit is so that his backers in the City don’t lose billions — corruption on a scale I wouldn’t dare put in fiction

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#RWC2019 #JPNvIRE #RWC静岡

Twitter Web App : Rugby World Cup cant believe the poor and lame excuses, the Australian management putting out from their Welsh defeat. Poor losers shouldnt blame the officials. Hoopers disciplinary record is well known. Poor against Fiji & Wales, show they have coaching & discipline problems!

ちび😻てつ😻みるく😻 ❥︎❥︎稲垣啓太 #稲垣啓太 #ラグビー #日本代表 #1番 :… Jammy Dodger by Just Jam