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Twitter Web App : The important thing about the CARES Act is that it doesn't care if you lost your job this year and now have no income and it doesn't supply any money to help states hire more people to process unemployment claims so you can't get any assistance from them either.

Android : Germany really wasn't fucking around with the emergency fund for freelancers, the applications went live on Friday and 5,000€ grants have already been transferred into people's accounts as of yesterday

Android : This has been us too. My wife and I work in shifts. While one works, the other takes on the toddler and baby and then we switch as out schedules require.…

Android : My 5yo stormed out of my office when i told him i had to do a meeting. He was very mad that i couldn't look at his crafts like i did yesterday. I tried to explain that it was Monday and I had to work, and he yelled "Monday isn't real" on the way out. I'm still just sitting here.

Android : They're doing indispensable work now, Angelenos. Pay for a local newspaper or watch your city grow orders of magnitude more corrupt and your politicians less accountable.…

Android : This month I've used WhatsApp, Signal, Teams, Zoom, FB Messenger, Hangouts and Skype.…

Android : When I juice several limes for an evening’s drinking, I use the Hamilton Beach compound press. But don’t cut limes in half. Trim one end. Give it a shallow cut. It’ll split along that cut. Easier on the wrist. Juice 10 whole limes in the time it takes to juice 5 halved.

Android : Been to 4 of these. Some day if we're ever allowed out and these all still exist, I need to finish the list.…