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iPhone : Love Amber now, to begin with I wasn’t her biggest fan but she’s clearly just a girl that doesn’t let her guard down easy but the fact she chose Greg then has made her go up in my estimations and hope she falls for him and Michael has to run back to joanna grovelling #LoveIsland

iPhone : But people thought it was false for no reason, I didn’t bin Hughie off then get back with him they just created this idea it was false themselves. Michael binned amber off and now he’s crawling back to her and she’s his lifeline to stay on the show, if it works out good for them twitter.com/006_ellie/stat…

iPhone : How was my situation in big brother meeting Hughie the same@as Michael and amber, I fell in love with someone on TV never ditched him and still with him over three years later so how is that the same? twitter.com/006_ellie/stat…

iPhone : How exactly would you know they are told what to say? Not seen you on love Island before? Never been on LoveIsland but in big brother we wasn’t told be anyone to say or do a thing and I presume it’s the same twitter.com/lillouzivert/s…

iPhone : Today marks exactly 19 years since Big Brother, the worlds greatest reality show, began in the UK. Heres a look back on some of the best bits!

Happy Birthday Big Brother UK - we hope youll get back to us soon 👁 #BBUK #SaveBBUK

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iPhone : If I was amber I’d choose to couple up with Greg, wave goodbye to Michael and suck Greg’s dick that night so Michael has to watch it when he leaves! Plenty more dick in the villa hun #LoveIsland

iPhone : Poor Joanna at home just ordered her Uber eats and has to sit down watching Michael eat the fuck out of Ambers face! What a slink #LoveIsland

iPhone : Amber get yaself on Geordie shore, get to Bijoux and do some buckin, god gave u a fanny don’t waste it on a whopper like Michael #LoveIsland

iPhone : I pray amber plays Michael at his own game, makes him grovel and look like a proper melt on TV and legs it back to Newcastle with the full 50k in the back pocket! #LoveIsland

iPhone : Michael why don’t you be honest with amber and tell her she’s your ticket to the final! Your a snake and amber deserves better than you! Someone get him on the next Jet2 flight back to Liverpool #LoveIsland

iPhone : Your telling me Michael if you and Joanna was being saved by the public and you thought the public was buying you both as a couple you would of told amber you still like her HAHAHA would you fuck pal! Your a fraud and no respect for women, FAKE AND NOT BUYING IT #LoveIsland 🏝🏝

iPhone : Michaels come creeping cos a new guy is on the scene, Amber tell the guy to get to fuck on the next Jet2 flight back to uk back to Joanna! Ya too good girl, fucking worm #LoveIsland

iPhone : Amber needs to get back with Michael and steal that fucking 50k and say sorry but your too “CHALDISH” and then run a mile #LoveIsland

iPhone : Michael sayin Joanna was stand offish, always him talking to her! Swear he said that about amber! Trying to find excuses so he can go runnin back to amber! Would love nothing more for amber to have him back and she steal the full 50k then get with Ovie on the outside #LoveIsland

iPhone : Aww I LOVEEE how Ovie gets so excited and happy for Amber. He is constantly happy, in his own world, positive! The best way to be and the best kind of person to be around #LoveIsland