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iPhone : Awww you’ve got such a good friend making you a calendar with me and hughie on it hahah 💕 love it xxxx twitter.com/Kevsie/status/…

iPhone : Went to cinema yest for 8:45pm showing, but it was 9:17 before the film actually started.

CINEMAS we pay to see films! Fine show 5/10min of ads & trailers, but this inflation to 33mins isn't on. Either cut pre-screening times, or tell us actual start times too.

RT if u agree.

iPhone : Instagram please can you tell me why you keep deleting my home account on Instagram. I haven’t violated any rules I’m so confused and it’s happened to a few people . Please can you sort this out I’m really upset by this

iPhone : Also the girls on here laughing about going TGI’s half you judgmental fucks ain’t even got enough class to sit in maccies with a Big Mac let alone expect some posh gaff! Ungrateful cunts twitter.com/nicoletait02/s…

iPhone : Slags on here taking the piss but they drop their knickers for a jäger bomb on a weekend and be sat crying their Fuck boy ain’t text back! I think this is lovely!!! twitter.com/Nicoletait02/s…

iPhone : Baby hears mothers voice for the first time ... damn grit in me eye

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iPhone : Everyones so involved in the Thomas Cook story have we all suddenly forgotten about The amazon being on fire? The 16 year old girl that joined ISIS “allegedly” coming back to the uk and Prince Andrew being accused of sexual assault. The headlines usually cover up the real news

iPhone : When the hairdresser doesn’t listen to what you wanted 😂

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