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iPhone : The first step in a whole genome re-sequencing protocol is to shear the DNA into tiny pieces. Here’s the covaris machine shearing 8 of my samples...

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iPhone : Thanks for reading and sharing my story on Tenochtitlan's tzompantli, the rack where the skulls of the sacrificed were displayed. But it's time for a discussion on why this practice was not "horrific" or "loaded [with] evil," as some of you have said…

iPhone : I also carry a purse, wear heels, and shop. Don’t pit us against civilian women. If there’s anyone who needs a reminder that women serve, then this should read β€œWhile you call women cunts on the internet with your fat Dorito crusted fingers, she trains to kill you.”…

iPhone : When I learned about bird osteology, one the most surprising things for me was to discover that they have an articulation between their upper jaw and their "forehead". I suspect that many biologists, including ornithologists, may also not fully realize this really cool trait!…

iPhone : If your marriage has struggled because of grad school - I see you, you're not alone. Mine has, nearly all of my friends' marriages have. It is tough, you do what is best for you & you're not alone in your struggles.

iPhone : Wonderful retelling of a #Galapagos adventure through the eyes of a Grandpa for his far-away grandchildren...…

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iPhone : Exactly six years ago today Lonesome George expired, the last member of the Pinta Island subspecies of the GalΓ‘pagos tortoise. He was about 102 years old, and they couldnt find a mate for him.

iPhone : New story on the Avian Hybrids Project based on a paper in PLOS ONE

Are hybrids between capuchino seedeaters fertile?

Great study using captive breeding records. Important take-home message: collaborate with bird breeders!

#ornithology #hybridization

iPhone : Obvs I'm not the only one who had feels about this #Avengers scene πŸ˜‚Spoilers in this article but sums up nicely why this scene resonated w me & relief in no longer having over-sexualized female superheros & power of women helping women!#femaleempowerment…

iPhone : JoAnna My friends and I actually cosplayed Princess Scientists a few years ago! Here we have:
πŸ”­ me as Astronomer Rapunzel
🍎 Miss Memsly as Zoologist Snow White
🐠 Queen Ally as Oceanographer Ariel, and
❄️ Cosplanna as Glaciologist Elsa!

iPhone : Metrics comparing male and female scientific outputs are biased because men cite themselves more and have fewer career absences; correcting for these, productivity is the same [2016 paper]…

iPhone : Please retweet and share! I'm conducting a survey about how well the public estimates biodiversity and what it means for attitudes towards conservation; it only takes a few minutes! #sciencetwitter #scicomm…