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Twitter Web Client : So, you want to diversify your applicant pool?
Well then maybe, just maybe, you should think about diversifying your recruitment strategies.
Start by posting your positions to SACNAS !…

iPhone : Isn’t this adorable?

Meanwhile, Dr. Ford is in hiding due to death threats.

This is how it works: the rapist gets cute little anecdotes about his wife handing out cupcakes; the victim gets death threats.

Thanks for the breaking news.…

iPhone : A thread like a punch in the gut. About a story that happened, almost in entirety, during my lifetime.

Reading “How To Survive A Plague”, a sobering narrative of the absolute frightening concept of not knowing what HIV/AIDS was, and the lack of attention it got in the early days…

iPhone : as an attempt to relax at night i was reading Harry Potter which got me thinking: Do the profs at Hogwarts need to apply to their jobs? Did Snape have to write a teaching statement? what was McGonagall's CV like? Is there tenure? And if so what goes into tenure decisions?

iPhone : Stacey Smith I am recruiting a Ph.D. student to join my plant evolutionary ecology lab in the Dept. of Plant & Microbial Biology at NC State. We study population and species responses to climate change, biogeography, and niche evolution.

iPhone : Stacey Smith I'm recruiting a PhD student and a postdoc to work on evolutionary or conservation genomics of long-term demographic studies - popgen with pedigrees. 🐦🧬🖥️ New lab website here: Thanks for passing the word along!

iPhone : Look at that chupacabra. I told my dad about this comic:
Him: “Didn’t you lose sleep over the chupacabra when you were young?”
Yes, yes I did. #ExposureTherapy…

iPhone : I usually post an insect of the month in my office but my coworkers LOVED this bit about compound common names in entomology. Yall have some fave entomology facts I can wow my co-workers with? (They arent entomogists BTW).

iPhone : Nearly every woman I know has been sexually assaulted at some point in her life, including me. I only know a handful of people who reported it, much less went public with it, for all of the reasons that Christine Ford was afraid to. Staying quiet is the norm, not the exception.

iPhone : Let me say one thing about this Kavanaugh bullshit: I never reported my rapist. I was young, scared, & convinced nobody would side with me. But if I saw that person running for public office, I would come forward 13+ years later & do everything in my power to stop them.