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Twitter Web Client : Piece of population genetics history: postcard from Motoo Kimura to Lewontin asking for reprint of Hubby and Lewontin 1966. Thanks to Steven Orzack for permission to post this.

iPhone : Nuestro artículo sobre diversidad de ranas Sarcohyla en las montañas de México! #ultraconservedelements…

iPhone : A woman moderator of an otherwise all-male panel is worse than a full manel. It means the woman is performing a service that enables the men to talk. I do not accept invitations to chair manels and encourage my female colleagues to decline such service requests.…

iPhone : This is important data but god damn the wording of the paper says so fucking much about what the authors, and academia more broadly, seems to think of PhD holders who leave academia…

iPhone : I have a big #METooSTEM favor to ask...I was told Institutions have our best onterests at heart with regard to sexual harassment. I believe the primary goal is avoiding lawsuits.
Can you weigh in?
What is Unis top priority in Title IX cases?

iPhone : Just out in NatureCommunications: Quantifying the effect of scientific team #diversity on research impact, using a dataset of 1+ million papers. They found that ethnic diversity resulted in an **impact gain** of 11% for papers and 48% for scientists. 👩🏾‍🔬👨🏼‍🔬👩🏻‍🔬👨🏿‍🔬…

iPhone : I try to avoid anthropomorphizing genomes, but that ends up with reference to "the genome" instead. Is it a single genome? Is it a population of genomes? The species? The Holy Ghost Genome? I don't know anymore

iPhone : Horseshit excuse not to hire woman, immigrant or poor kid who worked their ass off to get A’s, and instead reward the rich white guy who knew he could slack off in school because there’d always be someone making excuses for him.…

iPhone : "Getting straight A’s requires conformity. Having an influential career demands originality." This is bullshit. Me being an Asian woman, you're already more likely to assume I'm not creative (b/c racist stereotypes). Now you're also going to hold my 3.98 college GPA against me?…

iPhone : While buying lunch on campus today:

“You look much too relaxed for finals week”

I’m a grad student, I don’t have finals

“Oh, you just know how to live with lots of stress every day then”


iPhone : Yes!!! Listen to these people.
Title IX is NOT there to get justice. It is NOT there to help victims. It is NOT there to report on bad behavior.
They. Are. Not. On. Your. Side.
They are on the university side. The side that worries about reputation. About $$.…

iPhone : There is a professor at UGA studying the mentoring experiences of graduate students in life sciences. If you want to share your experiences with them let me know.
#phdchat #mentoring #phdlife #gradschool