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iPhone : Western media won’t be providing one drop of coverage today on the anti-Macron #YellowVests rallies in #Toulouse, #France. Simply way too busy bombarding us with footage of the Hong Kong protests. 🤗 #GiletsJaunes

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iPhone : Today marks 40 straight weeks of anti-Macron #YellowVests protests in #France, but we would never know it by watching the corporate propaganda outlets pretending to be news operations. #GiletsJaunes #Paris

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iPhone : As if all the death, destruction and displacement Hillary Clinton brought to Iraq, Honduras, Libya, Syria, Ukraine and Yemen under the guise of “freedom of democracy” wasn’t enough, now she’s salivating over Hong Kong too.


iPhone : Your “solidarity” turned #Libya from the most prosperous, oil-rich country with the highest standard of living in Africa into a war-torn failed state now ruled by terrorists who sell human beings in open air slave markets. You don’t care one scintilla about freedom and democracy.…

iPhone : The US government has previously labeled the following groups “freedom fighters”:

Drug-dealing Contras in #Nicaragua

Al-Qaeda in #Afghanistan

Slave-selling terrorists in #Libya

Church-burning jihadists in #Syria

MEK death-cult in #Iran

Not exactly a pretty track record 😉…

iPhone : Trump’s brand of “nationalism” is very interesting because it consistently entails putting the interests of Israel over Americans

iPhone : Your interference in the affairs of sovereign nations across Latin America, Africa and the Middle East has created one refugee crisis after another and left millions of innocents dead and displaced.

No bigger threat to democracy than warmongers like you 😉…

iPhone : The man who:

• oversaw the deaths of 500,000 children in #Iraq
• relentlessly bombarded #Yugoslavia for 78 days and infected it with depleted uranium
• bombed a pharmaceutical factory to smithereens in #Sudan

is now out here acting like a maven on peace, respect & restraint.…

iPhone : Western media is inundating us with images from the Hong Kong protests. Yet not a single word about the anti-Macron #YellowVests rallies in France, or the huge marches against US sanctions in #Venezuela, or the weekly demonstrations in #Palestine.

No agenda at all here though 🤗

iPhone : Oh look, the war criminal who backed racist jihadists that sell human beings in open air slave markets in #Libya. And who supported genocidal terrorists that burn churches and want to exterminate minorities in #Syria, thinks she has the moral authority to lecture us about hatred.…

iPhone : This is what exposing US war crimes gets you: Barbaric treatment. Isolation. Access to your lawyers denied. And barely anyone bats an eyelash.

But if Julian #Assange was languishing in a Russian dungeon for revealing Russian crimes and corruption, all hell would break loose.…

iPhone : Just your daily reminder that Saudi Arabia is continuing its genocide in #Yemen, killing and wounding 28 civilians, including women and children, in yet another massacre yesterday.

No mainstream media reportage though because it’s too busy telling lies about #Iran and #Venezuela

iPhone : Visiting Julian #Assange in prison I glimpsed his barbaric treatment. Isolated, denied proper exercise, access to the library, a laptop, he cannot prepare his defence. He is even denied calls to his US lawyers. His UK lawyer wrote to the governor on 4 June. Silence. How lawless.

iPhone : [REDACTED] How about you look a little closer?

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iPhone : We must stop trying to be the world’s police. As your commander-in-chief, I’ll end the wasteful regime change wars, work to end the new cold war, bring our troops home, and redirect our precious tax dollars into serving the urgent needs of our people here at home. #TULSI2020

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iPhone : D.U.G. B.U.R.S.E.Y. Do you mean like this? The Trump administration escalated the sanctions regime against Venezuela to a full-blown economic blockade and prevented 25,000 tons of soya from entering the country.…

iPhone : 󠁮󠁮Tam (Rock Girl) Trump’s criminal sanctions have killed 40,000 Venezuelans since 2017 as a result of denying them access to food, medicine and medical equipment. That’s how Trump is starving them.…