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Bio Hugo-nominated writer. BLACK BOLT and EXILES for Marvel, ABBOTT for Boom Studios. Fiction, essays, poems @ NYT, NPR, Slate, BuzzFeed.
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iPhone : G. I just had my kids solo for two straight weeks while my ex-wife was out of town and I have to work on three comic scripts this week and I’m using the little downtime I have to watch crocodile dundee two I’m a broken man

iPhone : please enjoy this nearly 45 second long scene from Crocodile Dundee II

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iPhone : It’s weird how people will say it’s “unrealistic” to have people of color in period pieces set in Europe, but will find any excuse to make a white dude the protagonists in films about a Lakota Sioux tribe, feudal Japan, or 11th century Imperial China.

iPhone : my kids asked where the salt and pepper were and I set down the shakers with a loud S-S-S-SALT N PEPA’S HERE! but they just stared at me ☹️

iPhone : this emerging friendship is a blast to write — the bold Asgardian warrior teaching the shy genius how to flirt…