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Bio New York Times, Assistant Managing Editor. “I dont believe most of what Sam Dolnick writes. -- Chris Christie
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iPhone : Ladies, if he:

-shows up at your door in the wee hours of the morning;
-sometimes leaves stains on your nice white couch:
-is always on the Internet
-is 167 years old

He’s not your man, he’s the new york times.

iPhone : Welcome to NYT Business’ new column Like A Boss and thanks for letting me tell you about my wild work life. 🐅🐅🐅🐅… My therapist is gonna have a field day with this

iPhone : Mr. Zuckerberg made it clear that Facebook would not hesitate to fire employees who spoke to The New York Times or other publications.…

iPhone : Come on, that’s a pretty fantastic description line of kaleidoscopic New York in 2018…

iPhone : A family in New Jersey bought a new home, then started getting anonymous letters from someone calling themselves “The Watcher.” I wrote about a nightmare that only got stranger from there:…