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Twitter Web App : EB Bengalis are not Bhadraloks. They fought for their survival alone. The Indian State was completely against providing any kind of help. A large section of people with EB ancestry are communists now.

On Nehru's Birthday, let's say his worst blunder is still spoken the least.…

Twitter Web App : ‘Matter Of Pride For Rambhakts Across The World’: UP Shia Waqf Board Chairman Donates Rs 51,000 For Ayodhya Ram Temple…

Twitter Web App : Communism is like Mutant Virus. It destroys human beings by converting them into monsters.

Here look at these JNU Communists, all this vandalism is at your and mine tax money.

Communism is evil it does not deserve your vote or support.

Twitter Web App : Vile face of the Left comes to fore once again as they vandalise the soon to be inaugurated statue of Swami Vivekananda in JNU. It is nothing but ideological bankruptcy of the Left that a protest for students’ rights was turned into hooliganism and vandalism the by leftist goons.

Twitter Web App : Considering the Constitution as a Scripture is undemocratic. In a democracy, citizens don't crawl before the Constitution, they are its masters & creators.…

Twitter Web App : JNU protests are not all about students right or access to education. They have never been. It’s about violent communist takeover of India.…