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Bio Writer and scholar. Co-host of @gaslitnation. Author of the bestseller THE VIEW FROM FLYOVER COUNTRY (2018) and HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT (coming 2020).
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Android : Why do we not know more by now about the American contractor killed in the Dec. 27 rocket attack in Iraq? That death seems to have been the immediate spark for the momentous events we’re witnessing, yet the details aren’t forthcoming.

Android : "To get through this time, you need foresight and the ability to envision the worst outcomes. People mistake that for pessimism but it's really compassionate realism. The reason to envision it is to avoid it, to create contingency plans." -- GaslitNation…

Android : At 50:00 on GaslitNation: "Trump is surrounded by religious fanatics obsessed with the rapture: Pence, Pompeo. When it comes to things that might really end the world, like climate change, they won't act. When it comes to nukes, they might use them."

Android : Avoid any analyst who ever uttered reassurances about "the generals", Bill Barr, John Bolton, or proclaimed in 2019 that "Mueller's got it". These people are either dangerously stupid or purposefully dangerous.…

Android : I don’t know who needs to hear this, but:

John Bolton is NOT going to save us.

Desperation is clouding folks’ reality testing, memory, and judgment. Please stop it with these desperate white knight scenarios.

Android : Joyce Alene Do not trust John Bolton!!! Bolton a neoconman: warmongering and grifting simultaneously. He's trying to hustle PAC money and sell his book while betraying his obligation to country. Folks need to stop falling for this shit...

Android : Donald Trump is dangerous. Hes repeatedly undermined our diplomatic relationships for his own personal, political gain. He’s escalated tensions and driven crises. We cannot allow his reckless actions to drag us back into another war.

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Android : Kirkus reviews my new book HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT: A passionate call for immediate action against the transnational crime syndicate that has supplanted the US government.…

Android : Read this several times. Pompeo says this war started when the US, Iran and the entire international community minus Israel, Saudi and the UAE signed an arms control agreement that blocked Iran's paths to a nuclear weapon.

What threatens Pompeo is not war. It's peace.…