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Bio Writer and scholar. Co-host of @gaslitnation. Author of the bestseller THE VIEW FROM FLYOVER COUNTRY (2018) and HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT (coming 2020).
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Android : I wrote and produced a film set in 1933 directed by Agnieszka Holland called Mr Jones, about Russia's attack on Ukraine and propaganda warfare aided by Western corruption, including leading journalists. History is a mirror we're forced to look into:…

Android : Clear as day: Stephen Millers agenda is inextricable from the white supremacists & extreme right. Today I want to give a special shoutout to NYTs Douthat—and to all whove said hes the thoughtful conservative—for whitewashing this garbage for years.…

Android : Nothing has ever been more clear.
No banks would lend to him. He was finished. Russian oligarchs came to his rescue.

He is proof of the most successful espionage campaign in political history.

And the republicans are okay with it.

The American experiment is failing.…

Android : Narrow impeachment is a mistake. It is inaccurate. It creates a bad precedent of ignoring and seemingly exonerating him for other crimes. It is also easier to defend against. I know many of you disagree with me. You are all wrong.…

Android : No, ambassador. No one believes that. No one on the entire planet. Not the Dems, not the GOP, not the Trump cult, not Trump himself.

Please stop pretending that there is some sort of "out" for this sadistic psychopath.…

Android : "The media treats everything like a revelation. When you're professing shock continually, it's a cover for your own negligence. If you didn't see this coming, it's because you weren't looking or because you wanted to cover it up." -- GaslitNation…