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iPhone : Good statements for women to practice:

1) you interrupted me. i’m not finished talking.
2) no
3) that isn’t funny
4) that isn’t appropriate
5) i already know that
6) that won’t be necessary
7) leave me alone
8) you’re making me uncomfortable
9) stop ignoring what i’m saying

iPhone : I will never understand how some people can be handed everything they ever wanted on a silver plater, but then always look past it at the tray next to them and want that too..

iPhone : Me: “YVETTE! I said to use the big shot glass so it would have room to not spill”

Yvette:” Oh! I stopped listening afteryou said use the big shot glass. LOL”

**she used the big shot glass and filled it to the rim**

iPhone : I’m so sick of seeing the “where was her friend” comments. I was alone for such a small window of time! It’s not her fault, that was the moment someone decided to hurt me. How many woman have simply gone to the bathroom alone when out with your girls? PLENTY.…

iPhone :…

Savannah & I speaking on KSCO. Having a platform to speak on about sexual assault has been a really validating experience & I hope it will encourage others to have their voices heard as well. Talking about it can help prevent it.

Time stamp: 137.30

iPhone : SANTA CRUZ ASSAULT: A Capitola woman said she was drugged at a well-known Santa Cruz bar and may have been sexually assaulted. KIONs Josh Kristianto will have more on her emotional story coming up tonight at 5 and 6 p.m.

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iPhone : GUYS There’s TWO RULES at the gym.

1 - Don’t hit on girls.
2 - Don’t work out so close to the dumbbells that people can’t get to them.

iPhone : Sara Arellano🦋: “Myte almost got in a fight over a hot dog!”
Me: “NO! I almost got in a fight cuz a dumb bitch didn’t want to pay for a hot dog there’s a difference” #dumbbitches 🌭

iPhone : I promise you, this will be your new favorite video 😂

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