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Android : ارګ:
د نېکمرغه لوی اختر د رارسېدو په مناسبت د افغانستان د اسلامي جمهوریت د جمهوررئیس محمد اشرف غني او لومړۍ مېرمن پیغام
پیام محمد اشرف غنی رئیس جمهوری اسلامی افغانستان و بانوی اول کشور، به مناسبت فرا رسیدن عید سعید قربان…

Android : رویترز اژانس: طالبانو د اوربند وړاندیز رد کړ او وایي مشر یي امر کړې چې خپلو بریدونو ته دوام ورکړي.…

Android : STATEMENT BY SECRETARY POMPEO On Afghan Government’s Ceasefire Announcement:
The U.S welcomes the announcement by the Afghan government of a ceasefire conditioned on Taliban participation.  This plan responds to the clear and continued call of the Afghan people for peace.

Android : Presidential palace in Afghanistan has released a statement –says, President Ashraf Ghani will delivers his independence day speech at 5p local time. Most probably to talk about peace talks charter and a 2nd ceasefire with the Taliban during Eid days?

Android : A member of the Ascend became the first Afghan woman to summit Mt. Noshaq, Afghanistan’s highest peak at 24,580 ft. (Mt. Everest is 29,000). Photo by Julie A Hotz #AfghanWomenStrong

Android : #Pakistan Army chief #COAS accepts that PAKi were killed during #Ghazni attack, but claims they were laborers who went to Ghazni for Eid shopping! If Ashraf Ghani still trusts PAK either he is too naive or he is mentally complicit, both scenarios are dangerous for Afghanistan.

Android : A true son of the planet earth, who inspired so many with his top leadership and vision for global governance and world peace. His thoughts and towering portraits in the halls of the UN building, still command many debates on international issues. May he rest in eternal peace!…

Android : RIP great man.
I Had the opportunity to meet him 2times; london2005 & NY2008. Kofi Annan) 's Twitter Profile">Kofi Annan joined the UN system in 1962 as an administrative and budget officer with the World Health Organization in Geneva.
Kofi Annan) 's Twitter Profile">Kofi Annan Kofi Annan) 's Twitter Profile">Kofi AnnanFdn

Android : د افغانستان په ۳۴ ولایتونو کې د یوې تازه خپرې شوې سروې پایلې ښیي چې ۹۳ سلنه افغانان له وسله والو طالبانو سره د دایمي اوربند غوښتونکي دي...

Android : COAS says "there are scores of Pakistanis working in AFG in connection with various businesses/labour who periodically fall victim to terrorism acts alongside their Afghan brothers inside Afghanistan." 
But what about armed Pakistanis that are in custody?…

Android : سخنرانی رئیس جمهور غنی در دیدار با بزرگان و متنفذین ولایت غزنی

Android : Donald J. Trump Dismantle the support fr terrorism/extremism in PAK. This will B generational game changer. Even if somehow peace deal is reached with TBN, it won’t deliver stability. The 3 generation of PAK proxies in AFG. IkramUllah s/o Sarajudin Haqani s/o Jalaludin Haqani.

Android : An old woman comes to donate blood in #Kabul for the injured ones of #Taliban recent attacks to #Ghazni and other injured ones. She insists to donate blood but doctors refuse to do so. She is old enough to donate blood, but committed enough to say NO to terror.

Android : ولسمشر:
پاکستانه! جنازې يې دروړې.
عمران خانه له مور او پلاره پښتون يې دا قضيه تعقيب کړه او ماته بېرته ځواب راکړه.
Mubashir Zaidi Afrasiab Khattak Bushra Gohar Ziauddin Yousafzai Dr Omar Zakhilwal meena gabeena Mian Iftikhar Husain Sanna Ejaz(سیاله)

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Android : Ghani announces $20m for rebuilding Ghazni City: By Saifullah Maftoon on 17 August 2018 GHAZNI CITY (Pajhwok): President Ashraf Ghani on Friday promised a thoroughgoing investigation into the five-day siege of the capital of southern Ghazni province by…