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Bio Sensitive, phlegmatic, pragmatic and simple human being. I only aspire to make the life of those dear to me comfortable and fulfilling. Thats me really.
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iPhone : Do the women in Hindi cinema today sweat? Or, do they just occupy spaces and professions that are completely divorced from all forms of physical discomfort?…

iPhone : #TOIAskClare Does a story always end up the way you thought of it when it initially came to your mind or does sometimes you end up drifting from your initial idea so much so that something completely unexpected or unplanned emerges? #TOIWriteIndia

iPhone : #TOIAskClare #TOIWriteIndia What comes first to you when you start with a new book, the Plot or a specific character?

iPhone : TOI Books #QOTD Mr Mercedes by Stephen King. I think it falls in the psychological thriller genre. I could’ve also gone with Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.

iPhone : #INDvSA No MSD but I think that’s fair enough. T20s has always been a young man’s format and a format for the power hitters. Dhoni in recent times doesn’t meet either criteria.

iPhone : Vikrant Gupta #AskSportsTak Sir, Are you not surprised by Manish Pandey’s selection for the T20s against SA? Where are the power hitters in this team? Manish Pandey has done nothing of note even in IPL ,how he gets picked for India in T20Is is baffling.

iPhone : Superman That’s terrible artwork. The artist should not be allowed on any project involving Superman. As it is the Man of Steel is struggling for recognition, how art like this would inspire anyone is beyond me. Or Maybe I am just misinformed.

iPhone : SonyLIV #indiavswestindies The app is buffering frequently when watching India vs WI. Also there is plenty of jitter and frame skipping in the telecast. My internet speed is close to 50mbps down.

iPhone : #KhayyamSaab May you Rest in Peace. Your musical legacy is immortal. Your music had that balming, magical and haunting quality that music lovers shall always be indebted for. We will miss your genius but we shall forever cherish your art.

iPhone : Vikrant Gupta #AskSportsTak What is Khaleel Ahmed’s claim to India’s ODI side? 12 wickets in 11 games at an Economy of nearly 6, do those numbers justify the long rope given to him? Also he doesn’t seem to possess neither extraordinary pace or swing.

iPhone : TOI Books I am not sure about rainy day but there is a lot of fog and mist in Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’. Also, ‘The Woman in Black’ by Susan Hill has a fair bit of mist and water to hopefully satiate this #QOTD.

iPhone : #SupportNDTV the most significant role of the Fourth Estate or media is to present the facts and to unearth truth if facts are being concealed. Media should not be the mouthpiece of the ruling party. Sadly anyone asking questions becomes anti nationalist!

iPhone : TOI Books Well, this is a decent list but I am surprised that the list doesn’t contain a single book by the most prolific of English Novelists, Charles Dickens or any of the contemporary authors. One would imagine The Christmas Carol or Harry Potter to be on this.