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Android : Oh wow, my first block for asking uncomfortable questions of Jo FF.. Sometimes acknowledging that youre racist and working to undo your prejudice is just too uncomfortable.

Android : Jo FF. Miqdaad Versi I think you're the one going round in circles trying to find a justification for your prejudice. I have the same prejudice & I'm honest enough to admit where it comes from. I'm trying to fight my prejudice to be a better person, while you seem to be defending & embracing yours

Android : Jo FF. Miqdaad Versi If you assert that you are refusing to speak to her because she's wearing a piece of clothing that identifies her to you as Muslim, then yes. If you also refuse to speak to people in balaclavas and bike helmets on the grounds you can't see any of their faces, then no.

Android : Jocelyn K. Glei Although I share your frustration, I try to keep in mind that some of those remote orders may have physical or mental health issues that mean they can't attend in person. It sort of helps keep my blood pressure under control as I queue, even if not necessarily true!

Android : Jo FF. Miqdaad Versi There doesnt need to be a definition. The Muslimness or perceived Muslimness is assigned to the victim by the person committing the abuse who is motivated by their view that the victim is a muslim (see the news examples in the thread).

Android : The most eloquent argument Ive heard for why we should remain in the EU.

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Android : Matt Hostetter Emma Kennedy 1/ Pregnancy is not coerced, but the gestation of the child is. I'm not sure what your moral position is. My understanding is that you're saying the embryo's rights derive from the intentionality of the parents to have sex. Hence why orphans don't enjoy the same coercive rights?

Android : Matt Hostetter Emma Kennedy So you're advocating that forcing someone to use their body to support the life of another is moral, as long as no harm comes to them in so doing. Should we all be forced to donate one kidney then? We can lose one with no ill effects and directly save a life.