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Bio working with others with empathy to resist the people trying to destroy our democracy. Master Gardener and proud grandma of ten. Love knitting and crocheting.
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Android : Were seeing the soul of our nation on full display every day in this crisis — and it makes me so proud to be an American.

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Android : More than 14-thousand Americans have already died. One American died every 45 seconds today. But sure, Mr. Attorney General, go on.…

Android : I’ve built houses with my hands, starting from excavation up to the facade. I’ve drilled on mountaintops when it was -25 F. I’ve worked in a machine shop, standing for 9 hours a day, on feet that had multiple fractured metatarsals because I had kids to feed.

Also, it’s *you’re

Android : Oh...don’t lose sight of the other travesty here -
CLINICAL TRIALS and that Big Pharma flooding the zone with Trump’s “magic pills”
'No miraculous recovery': Some ICU doctors say hydroxychloroquine isn't helping sickest patients… via @nbcnews

Android : Daniel Dale He sent his wishes and speedy recovery to Boris Johnson. Not an encouraging word to his own citizens, or sympathy to the families who have members who are sick or who have passed. #25thAmendment

Android : Join our virtual town hall on unemployment and the issues currently facing working families across the nation. Tune in now:…

Android : My autopsy for Bernie's campaign. He didn't learn an important life/campaign lesson that many of us learned the hard way in 2016: Don't Believe Your Own BS.…

Android : I voted for Warren. I didn't get my way. I will drag myself across broken glass to vote for Biden in November. I don't need someone to coddle me & convince me to vote for Biden. It is the right thing to do. Voting for Trump or sitting it out would be borderline criminal, IMO.…