Twitter Web Client : Lindsey Graham gives up the game, tells reporters that if youre a Somali refugee wearing a MAGA cap, [Trump] doesnt want to send you back ... what does that tell me? That its about the criticism.

In other words, Trump tolerates refugees so long as they support him.

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iPhone : #StartSpreadingTheNews yankees win 🔥 bullpenday🔥 ... 🥦 , 🤵🏻, 🇲🇽... 🐂 with the solo homerun... 🚣🏼 with the double to start it walk by 👨🏽‍⚖️ and 🦜.... 🚣🏼 score on balk... 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 📸 to close it WHAT A GAME!!...

iPhone : #StartSpreadingTheNews yankees win great start by 🐜 going 6strong 👴🏽 with the solo homerun and 🇨🇴 with the 2run homerun and rbi double , 🔥 🔥 bullpen 🔥 🔥.. and 🧛🏾‍♂️ to close it!!!.... WHAT A GAME!!..

Android : Hey, guys. In the wake of the KyoAni attack, please make sure to take some time for yourself. Repeated exposure to tragic news has a deleterious effect on your mental health. Take some time to refresh yourself. Watch some funny cat videos. Read a book. Play a game. Something.

Android : I am so, so into this.

“Peace Island” will be [...] a non-violent interactive story which will focus on discovery, atmosphere, and exploration, rather than combat.

Play as any of 9 cats to find out why your humans disappeared. #PeaceIsland…

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Android : Hey, hey you

The most popular indie game of the century has a skeleton in a hoodie and bath slippers in it for no reason.

The anime of the hour has people bending spacetime in tight Guchi outfits.

A talking raccoon is a hugely popular superhero.

Do your weird idea. Its fine.

IFTTT : #FHN Women’s U21s team one game closer to booking Junior World Cup place

Photo credit -  Frank Uijlenbroek / World Sport Pics

England’s women’s team finished third in their Junior EuroHockey Championship group following a 2-2 draw with Belarus meaning …

iPhone : Piet Dr. Mario World Good to hear. I’ll push on. And yep the time limited ones are impossible on no pay. But don’t get me wrong I’m still happy to pay for a good game, I’m just from the generation that buys a game outright. 🥴