Twitter Media Studio : I got to a point where I was doing more crying than playing. I’m sure it was disgusting to watch because I felt disgusting playing that way

Drays locking in on the game, not officials.

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iPhone : a situação que game of thrones acabou foi legal

mas a maneira e o ritmo que a série chegou nessa conclusão foi terrivel

uns 6 episódios a mais nao fariam mal a ninguem né

iPhone : 🏆Champions🏆We fought back from 1-0 in a very tough game. I am so blessed to have a strong team of lions with me to battle back and God gracing me to score the winning goal in this amazing victory! I am nothing without God and I am nothing without all your support.Thank You❤️💛

Android : Margaery and Olenna helped Sansa opened her eyes to the tyranny of the Lannisters and taught her to play the game as a woman of her position in Westeros. I feel like without Margaery befriending Sansa, Sansa wouldn’t gain her strength to become who is she now.…

Android : É... Terminaram de CAGAR o Game of Thrones.
Totalmente. Não podia ser PIOR.
Estragaram a maior série de ficção épica da atualidade. É revoltante.


Twitter Web App : Carole Cadwalladr 😂😂 Don’t hate the player hate the game. Once again Mr Farage has outsmarted you and your ilk. Anything under £500 is not a donation. Its not his fault your side didn’t think of taking advantage of that sooner. #YouStupid : Life is a dream for the wise, a game for the fool, a comedy for the rich, a tragedy for the poor – Sholom Aleichem

Android : Celebrity Ashandra Batiste is from Haiti she practices Voodoo and celeb Rachel Suliburk needs a spiritual cleansing and so does her house. Basketball player Shannon Brown is frustrated because he has had to sit out of the game 13 times. Kourtney Kardashian decapitated in England

iPhone : Anyone not happy with game of thrones needs to stop crying, the show told you who they were gonna be from the start and how Dany’s story is a tragedy!…

iPhone : The #GameofThrones finale featured a water bottle blunder, even after Starbucks-gate