Android : We need Norway's permission to join EFTA. Has Amber Rudd missed the fact its leaders have rejected the plan? Surrending our vote, veto and voice for no gain is a compromise that pleases no one. Remaining in the EU is the alternative.…

TweetDeck : What happens if the government loses tomorrows brexit vote? Work and Pensions Secretary Amber Rudd suggests "Norway Plus" which would see the UK remaining in the European Economic Area and joining a customs union with the EU.
Hans Petter Graver Universitetet i Oslo
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iPhone : It took a UN envoy to hear how austerity is destroying lives - The Guardian
And it took a lying bunch of Tory Ministers to claim he lied
Hi Amber Rudd todays reminder
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iPhone : Conservatives face potential existential crisis if deal is defeated and they end up sometime in a leadership election. Boris Johnson, Amber Rudd or Sajid Javid? None of them can unite the party. Arguing about whether a bad deal is better than no deal was not the plan. #C4Brexit

iPhone : Change Britain polling reveals that in the highly marginal seat of Hastings and Rye, most voters dont want their MP Amber Rudd to back the governments Brexit deal.

Twitter for iPad : Did you know the person who founded and is financing the PEOPLESVOTE is MP Amber Rudds multi millionaire Brother Roland Rudd 😳😳😳 #GMB

Twitter Web Client : Brian Adcock: ‘I think Amber Rudd is going to try and be leader after Theresa May implodes next week. Oh yes i do.’ #finalsay - political cartoon gallery in London