Twitter Ads Composer : "This entire tournament has been about Amir the nerd. Not Amir the boy wonder. Not Amir the swinger. Not Amir the coming pace demigod. Not Amir the redeemed"

Osman Samiuddin writes on Mohammad Amir's #CWC19 ✍️

Android : “I handed in a script last year and the studio didnt change one word. The word they didnt change was on page 87.”

~Steve Martin

#screenwriting #tvwriting #writing

Android : ایشالا عروس انگشت اشاره دست راست نداره دیگه
خوشبین باشم😣
(فقط اونی که تو منشن ها نوشته داماد باید به تف خانومش عادت کنه
اونو زنده میخوام)…

iPhone : Nike ta grand-mère t’es arriver comme messi et la tu nous pond ça…