iPhone : One of the strengths of Peoples Vote UK is that the majority of us put the cause before tribal party politics. Let’s keep it that way working together to win that confirmatory referendum. Join us this Saturday Oct 19 noon Park Lane London #finalsay #LetUsBeHeard

TweetDeck : Every day the choice gets simpler:

Are you with Dominic Grieve and Anna Soubry and Tony Blair? Are you with the anti-Democratic Remainer Establishment, who will smile queasily as they patronise you and neutralise your vote?

Or are you with this guy?

Because Im with this guy.

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iPhone : “I qui sap si ara plou perquè tu vols plorar, perquè el clima i l’amor podrien ser ben bé ser part de la mateixa cosa”, Anna Aguilar-Amat

Que la pluja que ara mateix cau sobre Barcelona amb força ens renovi les forces per demà.

iPhone : Biggest pop culture queerbaiting moments:
1. Draco Malfoy in general
2. Cate Blanchett's entire existence
3. Dean & Castiel on Supernatural
4. Lorde in that verse of Liability
5. Anna Kendrick's character in Pitch Perfect not hooking up with the crazy redhead

Android : 村岡ユウ先生直筆南雲安奈のサイン色紙があるのは、とらのあな秋葉原店Aだけ!!南雲ファンは是非ご来店下さい!!秋葉原店AのAはANNA・NAGUMOのA❤❤❤ #南雲安奈

iPhone : Consent is NOT
-blackout drunk/under the influence
-appears mature for their age
-not blatantly saying “no”
-being asleep
-having had previous consensual sex

Consent is verbally given permission and can be revoked at ANY time.

iPhone : Research in action! Great work coming out of the teams. Aiming to understand who is using the makerspaces & barriers to participation. Thx to Anna for relaying her convos with UNC BeAM staff & their questions of interest. Awesome use of Slack to get it done! #uncpsyc530 #cure

Android : Popular girl at school sucks nerds cock for first time😏😈

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