Twitter Web App : A comedian known for political satire made a mild joke about the appointment of ex-South Belfast MP Emma Little-Pengelly as one of Arlene Foster's three well-paid spads & this was her response:…

iPhone : Arlene Foster talking about getting the economically inactive, into work. She’s talking about caters, the disabled and those who are mentally ill. Is her solution to a shrinking workforce, forcing these people into work?

iPhone : Arlene Foster spouting shite in her opening statement on UTV. This IS the Brexit you voted for. These new immigration laws are British laws. This is exactly what you wanted

iPhone : Boris Johnson. Arlene Foster. Dominic Raab. Submarine Steve.…

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Android : my art teacher when she sees Ive made fun of arlene foster again

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Twitter Web App : DTR F1 Fanatic #TeamLH Ruth Dudley Edwards Trying to project your actions onto others won't wash. The subject was protection from prosecution and I raised a case where a soldier was protected from prosecution. Your

What about Arlene Foster's school bus?
What about Loughall?
What about the OTRs?
Is there to for all to see

Twitter Web App : Unionists have had 100yrs to do just that. Starting now is far too late Arlene.…