Twitter Web App : Hundreds of journalists from across the world have signed an open letter demanding WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is released from jail, where he is being held for “revealing war crimes.”…

Twitter Web App : Julian Assange absolutely engaged in journalism in his work as WikiLeaks founder and editor-in-chief. This decision by Committee to Protect Journalists to not list Assange as one of over 250 journalists imprisoned bolsters the confidence of Trump officials prosecuting him.…

iPhone : Pido encarecidamente la firma de todas/os.
Assange no puede morir torturado por contar la verdad al mundo, a manos de los mismos de siempre.

Presidente de México: Asilo en México para Julian Assange - ¡Firma la petición! vía España

Android : My Primary Mission was to free Julian Assange.

I do believe I have accomplished that.

I found Q in the Motorcade on October 28th ...

Twitter Web App : Ho votato.
E ho votato #LabourParty .
Per dare una speranza ai senzatetto.
Per i disabili.
Per il personale del #NHS afflitto dai tagli.
Per i lavoratori a zero ore.
Per gli anziani senza sostegno.
Per i vigili del fuoco dimezzati
Per tenere lontano Trump.
Per #Assange

Twitter Web App : "[Doctors around the world] reiterate our grave concern that Mr #Assange could die of deliberate medical negligence in a British prison and demand an urgent response from the UK government.”

#Unity4J WikiLeaks #FreeAssangeNOW…

Twitter Web App : #Zajárova: Londres hace caso omiso de la amenaza que se cierne sobre la vida y la salud de J.Assange. La situación creada en torno a él testimonia la violación por el mundo occidental de todas las leyes y reglas imaginables que garantizan la libertad y seguridad a los periodistas

Twitter Web App : FACT: We have not had a direct message from Julian Assange since March 2018

Watch your lawyers X3: Julian Assange's last interview before he was gagged ->…

iPhone : Julian Assange: “Clinton and ISIS are funded by the same money.”

This must be why Hillary Clinton suggested assassinating truthteller Assange with a drone strike.

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Twitter Web App : This article from AAP on a human rights issue is an unwitting study in turning tides.

It outlines a decade-long media odyssey in such gentle prose that you barely take note of what it amounts to:

Simultaneous self-incrimination and redemption.


700 journalists from more than 65 countries signed international #journalist statement in defense of Julian #Assange so far!

If you are a journalist, please read and sign it here:


Twitter Web App : 'Mr. Assange's situation is critical. We believe that his extradition to the US is unfounded and illegal. #Assange is being held in the London jail under conditions that contradict essential human rights'…