Twitter Web App : 本日発表されたCEDEC AWARDS 2019 ビジュアルアーツ部門にて、ペルソナチーム 須藤正喜が「魅せるUIという表現方法の確立」で優秀賞(最優秀賞ノミネート)を受賞いたしました!…

cPortals : There Is No Plan To Bring Persona 5 Royal To Other Consoles, Atlus Reiterates #NintendoSwitch #Persona #Atlus

iPhone : Atlus giving no fucks,
They milking the shit out of P5 to the very last drop.…

Android : STARBOY HSP "Playstation had a big presence at E3 2019 without attending..."

I was at E3 2019. Playstation had zero presence there other than Judgement from Sega, Persona 5 Royal from Atlus and nearly all third party games were played with Xbox One controllers or mouse and keyboard.

iPhone : i didn’t even change anything from last post. i thought i would but i honestly want Knack over some characters lmfao
i wanted to add stuff like Shadow, but Atlus technically already counts for Sega
wanted to add Morrigan, but idk how Nintendo would talk to her + i prefer Phoenix