TweetDeck : In Toronto, Alan Yentob meets author of The Handmaid's Tale Margaret E. Atwood and discovers how her childhood in the Canadian wilderness helped shape her writing. 🖋

Imagine: Margaret Atwood. Tonight, 11pm, @BBCFour.…

TweetDeck : King Princess goes to Disney World, Amber Heard needs some ice, Lena Waithe and Robyn Crawford are epic, Samira Wiley and Margaret Atwood ham it up, Tessa Thompson bonds with a canine co-star and so much more!

Android : Je suis à la moitié de C'est le cœur qui lâche en dernier de Margaret Atwood, après avoir tellement aimé lire La servante écarlate et... je ne comprends pas... ça me fait l'effet d'être plat, sans consistance... quelle déception ! Quelqu'un l'a lu et voudrait me donner son avis ?

Twitter Web App : iOS Ninja Quick question, (no im not having any issues with installing) could you add an update for the youtube++ that adds the zoom to fill feature, if it's not too much trouble that is. Thank you 😊

Twitter Web App : El Gobierno de los Estados Unidos reporta deficit de $134 billones. Y todavía nos imponen una junta para poner nuestras finanzas en orden. Bendito...…

Twitter Web App : 💩So this jackass Ambassador Taylor can speculate and hearsay all day long on EVERYTHNG ELSE, but he can’t at all just ‘appreciate’ President Trump‘s concerns about foreign entities??

Lol. What a clown show you guys!!

#IStandWithTrump 🇺🇸

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Twitter Web App : Congressman Drops Epic ‘Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself’ Meme During Impeachment Hearing…