Periscope : Live: A chat with a Chinese charity worker who cycled from Benin to China…

China Xinhua News : The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (#AIIB) expands its membership to 100 with the approval of the African newcomers of Benin, Djibouti and Rwanda.
It reflects international communitys confidence in #AIIB, says #AIIB President Jin Liqun

iPhone : Morocco 9 points - out of AFCON

Egypt 9 points - out of AFCON

Benin 3 points - quarter finals

South Africa 3 points - quarter finals.

Lesson: Don't judge a man by his first round.

Android : Sophie Bouillon Pourquoi le #Bénin veut prendre son temps avant daccueillir les 26 oeuvres du Palais des rois du #Dahomey que la France souhaite lui restituer. Interview de José Pliya, responsable de la promotion du patrimoine, par Marie Wolfrom

Android : Dans la ville d#Abomey, au sud du #Bénin, devrait bientôt sélever un musée flambant neuf, pour héberger les 26 objets du roi Béhanzin que la France sest engagée à restituer. Reportage de Sophie Bouillon #restitution #AFP

Android : 📸: Dahomey Amazons, the only documented frontline female troops in modern warfare history, known for swift decapitation. They made up 1/3 of the Dahomey Kingdoms military in todays Benin Republic at 6000 women. They were superior to male soldiers in effectiveness & bravery.

Android : Fulani herdsmen carried out their wicked act of kidnapping along Benin Auchi road Edo State was later arrested by the Edo State police command. Tinubu looking for Cow should watch this video.

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iPhone : Take your IELTS test with MOD IELTS this July in Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja, Port-Harcourt, Benin, Kano, Akure, Abeokuta and Enugu for 68,000 Naira only. Book now:…