Twitter Web App : Every #Thanksgiving we blame the big bird for the big nap.

While turkey does have an amino acid that can make you tired, so too do other foods, and they dont put you to sleep.

Experts say you should really blame the holiday booze and carbs.


TweetDeck : The rock wren, or tuke, is our only true alpine bird and in South Westland it's thriving.…

Android : This an example of how valuable a lesson my 9th grade crush taught me lmao.

Let hoes be hoes, but dont make them your girlfriend cuz that bird behavior always rears its head with them & it can cost you big time.

Bezos learning same lesson w/higher risk…

iPhone : A big wing stretch!! Happy Birthday to elleflies, of whom I obtain all my bird and wing-related knowledge, who spoils me with her excellent writing and screams with me in the DMs!!

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