iPhone : Top technology investments in 2019:

1. Security
2. Big data analytics
3. Internet of things
4. Multi-cloud strategy
5. #AI, machine learning
7. Streaming big data
8. Micro services
9. VR/AR
10. API monetization
11. BaaS
12. Bots
13. Voice zd.net/2WpPNzV

iPhone : The new Tesla OTA update made changing lanes way better, more assertive. In LA people speed up if you signal to change lanes for too long. Tesla learned that. It’s just an amazing AI big data learning machine. It’s so cool to see it get better over time. Really amazing. $tsla

iPhone : YOU ARE OK. ALBUM OF THE YEAR FROM Rock Sound // This is not a win for us but for the entire 8123 family. We do not have a big machine pushing us so when something like this happens it is because YOU. Grab our issue with new photos and interview here awards.rocksound.tv

Twitter Web App : i did and oops in a toilet and the poopy machine is having a water fall

uh oh........ stinkyyyyyyy.....

SocialPilot.co : Big data may not be enough to predict injuries in the NFL theverge.com/2019/12/6/2099…

iPhone : Liverpool are the best team in Europe by a mile. Barely need to get out of 2nd gear these days. The big thing is how intelligent this team is now, just need 5-10 minutes of precision, score and then control the rest of the game. It’s machine-like and it’s beautiful in its own way

Twitter Web App : HITS Daily Double chart data Big machine

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iPhone : Big Starmer fan but I don’t entirely agree. Labour would likely be polling better but the Tory fake news lie machine and mainstream press would be working just as hard to portray him as a Stalinist twitter.com/jamesmelville/…

Twitter Web App : And if you want to know how we got here, listen to Transition Show Ep. 109 with Neela Banerjee on how Exxon went from doing cutting-edge climate research, to peddling climate denialism: bit.ly/34ras9D It's a hell of a story. twitter.com/KhandekarGauri…