GIGAZINE : 次期アメリカ大統領を狙う政治家が「大手プロバイダーを解体してインターネットを公共サービスにする」計画を打ち出す

Twitter Media Studio : Q: How did @JohnMcDonnellMP know that free full fibre broadband would be so popular?

A: He listened to people.

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Twitter Media Studio : Chinese aerospace company Galaxy Space will launch Chinas first #5G low-earth broadband #satellite manufactured by a commercial company at the end of this month, the company announced on Tuesday. (Video: Courtesy of Galaxy Space)

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iPhone : Free broadband or throw the Jews under the bus🤔...........I think I’ll take the Broadband please #TheStateOfOurNation #NeverCorbyn

Android : For one day only and joking aside; Please search your conscience and do not put this man in power. It doesnt matter if you hate Tories or love the EU, if you want free broadband, he is an anti semite as are his followers, that is huge and cannot be tolerated. No excuses. x

Write all the things : Dappy apologises to church Ignoring the fact that there’s an idea for a few months if you need? Broadband ad

Hootsuite Inc. : 12 promises from 12 parties... Will Labour's free broadband be filtered? Will Lord Farage come into existence? A delve into the murky world of implausible election promises #GE2019…

iPhone : I will NOT vote for the candidate offering a 4 day work week, free broadband and £26 billion extra for the NHS? Why? Because I am a cuck for billionaire-owned media, and I also want to look smart by saying it’s “impossible” even though I have no understanding of public finance.

Twitter Web App : The National Broadband Plan projected to enable expedited RoW permits for the rapid rollout of base stations. Stakeholders say this is yet to be achieved as the Ministry of communication and the Ministry of Works are yet to begin their collaboration...…

Twitter Web App : Virgin Media Course I did, its ok now but down twice in the B37 area for a few hours at a time in the last couple of weeks isn't really good, especially when its costing me around £137 including the £27 broadband charge in lost income