Twitter Web Client : BEST SELLER! A nail-biting psychological thriller!

Stars: Five, a wonderful read, breathtaking in places with superb pacing’

Oh my! Wasn’t expecting any of this or that! I knew this was going to be an interesting story but it left me speechless.

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Hootsuite Inc. : Now available for preorder: OUTSIDE IN TAKES A STAB: 139 NEW PERSPECTIVES ON 139 BUFFY STORIES BY 139 WRITERS from ATB Publishing. I've wrote the piece about "Fool for Love," the episode that introduced Nikki Wood to the world.…

iPhone : #Climax, le podcast de @teleloisirs : de #Buffy Γ  #Charmed... Faut-il interdire les reboots ? (VIDEO)…

Android : Sara Lance 😍😍