Twitter Web App : The media is attacking Trump for his pardons...

I guess they forgot about Obama pardoning Chelsea Manning, who leaked top secret information to WikiLeaks,

or Oscar Lopez Rivera, who led a Chicago-based terrorist cell responsible for hundreds of bombings.

Where was the outrage?

Twitter Ads : A big game away from home.
The scores are still level in a tense first half.
Chelsea are on the attack.

And our CB does this 🀯

@EricBailly24 β™₯️

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Twitter Web App : This is your daily reminder that Barack Obama commuted the sentence of Chelsea Manning

Manning is one of the greatest traitors & leakers of all time

Nearly half a million military documents stolen & released, putting US lives at danger

Where was the media outrage then?



Chelsea - Β£1.3 million
Camden - Β£837,938
Islington - Β£651,023
Wandsworth - Β£592,915
Hackney - Β£540,775
Bromley - Β£437,880
Redbridge - Β£413,991
Greenwich - Β£386,676
Croydon - Β£370,541
Newham - Β£363,096
Barking - Β£290,239

(May 2019)

Twitter Web App : Reminder:

President Obama commuted the sentence of Bradley (Chelsea) Manning.

He was convicted of espionage.…

iPhone : Chelsea Manning has been jailed for resisting grand jury into WikiLeaks for 343 days. She owes $234,000 in fines.

Her mother Susan Fox died during this time.

Manning:"I have been separated from my loved ones, deprived of sunlight, & could not even attend my mother’s funeral."

iPhone : 19-year-old Ethan Ampadu made more passes, completed more passes, made more interceptions and had a higher pass accuracy than any other player on the pitch during Spurs 0-1 RB Leipzig.

Remember, he’s on loan from Chelsea. 😏

iPhone : Just 50 seconds of @EricBailly24 defending against Chelsea.

That’s it. That’s the tweet.


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Twitter Web App : TOT 0-1 RBL (FT) - Jose Mourinho ha iniciado 4 eliminatorias a doble partido perdiendo la ida en casa. Remontó una vez (con el Porto ante el Panathinaikos en 2003) y fue eliminado en las tres mÑs recientes (Chelsea-Barça 2006, Madrid-Barça 2011 y Madrid-Barça 2012).

iPhone : Just 50 seconds of @EricBailly24 defending against Chelsea.

That’s it. That’s the tweet.


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Android : We literally hate only Real Madrid. We don't hate Liverpool, we just hate the Liverpool fanbase just like any sane human being would. We couldn't care less about Chelsea and Juve.…