Twitter Web Client : クレア・フォイ主演『蜘蛛の巣を払う女』の最新画像が公開!『ドラゴン・タトゥーの女』から始まる小説シリーズの4作目を、映像化。スベリル・グドナソン、スティーヴン・マーチャント、キース・スタンフィールド、共演『ドント・ブリーズ』フェデ・アルバレス監督… #HIHOnews

Android : Am at a point now where I will watch anything Claire Foy does. She was crazy great and this film is one of the best I've seen so far this year. Give me more uncomfortable films like this, please. #Unsane

Android : #Unsane

a woman seeks for consultation due to stalker issues but ends up committing into the mental institution against her will

-minimal production value
-maximum suspense and twists
-shot entirely on an iPhone 7 Plus
-excellent acting from Claire Foy

Twitter Web Client : Millenium, Ce Qui Ne Me Tue Pas : une troublante bande-annonce avec Claire Foy (The Crown) en Lisbeth Salender

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iPhone : Mindy Furano That’s great, haha. My mom loves period pieces so we watched the first episode together. She ended up hating it and I obsessively watched it. My ex-boyfriend said that Claire Foy’s eyes were the main characters and, like, true!

iPhone : Mindy Furano I don’t even know how to initiate this conversation but here goes: I loved the Crown and Claire Foy but I feel like a good 65% of the show was her heavy breathing and eye movement. What’s your take ???

Android : matt smith and ben affleck explaining what netflix and chill means to a very confused claire foy

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Android : How much do Claire Foy and Matt Smith know about Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip? Its time to find out in our Royal Quiz!

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Android : Can Vanessa Kirby dethrone Claire Foy to be crowned the winner of our Royal Quiz? The moment of truth has arrived.

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Android : Claire Foy es la nueva Lisbeth Salander y tenemos ya el avance de la próxima película del personaje, La chica en la telaraña. Aquí lo tienen