Hootsuite Inc. : "No es la apariencia, es la esencia. No es el dinero, es la educación. No es la ropa, es la clase" 💗 bit.ly/2Nzx0fp

Twitter Web Client : I enjoyed The Man in the High Castle just having Nazis casually mention Coco Chanel and Hugo Boss as friendly acquaintances/designers.

Because, you know... They were Nazis/Nazi Sympathizers.

Android : Do you know the happiness I feel when I see" noir " in the name of a female scent? That's why i fuck with crystal noir from versace and maybe Coco noir from chanel. They have a dark undertone and I'm with it.

iPhone : Nozomi Iijima est au Ritz comme à la maison avec CODE COCO NOIRE. Découvrez #CODECOCO Society. #CHANELWatches twitter.com/CHANEL/carouse…