iPhone : I’m with Matt Post and we thought of some CRAZY ideas-

•Get rid of partisan gerrymandering
•Abolish citizens united
•Fix voter suppression laws
•End the private prison industry (which is basically comic book-level evil)


iPhone : .⁦Shekhar Gupta⁩: Commando-comic TV channels and social media warriors attacking cricketer-turned-politician Navjot Sidhu for hugging Pakistan’s army chief expose India as “a nation of paranoid, unthinking, illiberal, ignorant, immature idiots.” theprint.in/opinion/row-ov…

Android : am i late to the party? hi #visiblewomen, im Sas Milledge, im a Melbourne-based background designer for animation and a freelance comic artist! i got a website here: sasmilledge.com

iPhone : 누나의 이중생활 표 밀린다. 링크타고 클릭한번만하면 바로 투표되니 귀찮다고 안하지말고 해주셈. 코르셋/성적대상화 전시없고. 여성인물이 거의 100%에 가깝게 등장함. 이런 여성서사 놓치면 나중에 피똥싼다.

Android : Bang! BP short comic

Reminder: No real weapons are being used in this comic

Android : Hello #VisibleWomen! ❤️
Im Azisa, an illustrator and comic artist from Indonesia and I love stories : How it is made, how it is told, and how it connects us all :)

🌟IG : instagram.com/azisanoor/
🌟 Portfolio : azisanoor.com

Twitter for iPad : Hello! I’m Carlotta, a comic artist and illustrator from Italy.
I’m currently working in the comic industry for Italy and France and also developing a personal project~

Find me also on:
🌌Tumblr: inimeitiel.tumblr.com
⭐️Instagram: instagram.com/inimeitiel


Twitter Web Client : 🍓Strawberry Jam #recibea 🍓
This one is a bit long but jam is super easy to make! It makes great gifts and is yummy on toast or cookies. Please share and enjoy!
🍓 🍋 💦 🥛🔥😋

#recibea #beabravo #recipe #recipecomics #vegan #strawberryjam #comic #jam #preserves

Android : #VisibleWomen

hello my name is chacha, comic-illustration student and currently doing internship in tokyo based mobile-light novel company. i love vocaloid and jokergame(pssst plz watch the anime)🌱✨