Echobox Social : Conrad Black: How Boris Johnson – and Britain – came to this place…

Twitter Web App : Alan Dershowitz personally asked Trump for the pardons of Dinesh D'Souza and Sholom Rubashkin, is the *current* lawyer for Conrad Black and wrote an op-ed slating Scooter Libby's convictions.

Trump pardoned all four and the media asked almost no questions.

Android : Conrad Black, convicted fraud and former owner of the Telegraph and Jerusalem Post, was recently pardoned by his friend Trump because they were old buddies and Black had written nice things about Trump.………

Twitter Web App : Full credit to Conrad Black: The title of his biography about Trump — “A President Like No Other” — is really standing up. Very impressive title. Nailed it with the title. Good title.

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iPhone : The Conrad house is an equal opportunity house. Our quinoa comes as white, red, and black. #Equality