Hootsuite Inc. : WATCH CNN Lefty Go CRAZY When Lowry Schools Him on Palestinian Terror ow.ly/GPU6101J7ye

TweetDeck : I admire Geoff Keighley for all of his work he has done over the years. I have been following him since he was a part of the G4tv.com panel then went on to hosting Game Head and GameTrailers.tv over on Spike, the VGAs, The Game Awards, the E3 experience...

iPhone : When she ask what you gone do for that new 2K

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iPhone : Tucker Carlson Reveals Scandal That Could Bring Down Barack Obama

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iPhone : Any organization that:

Was founded by a known eugenicist

Rips babies from mother’s wombs

Sells baby parts

And spends millions to support infanticide

Should NOT be receiving taxpayer money

RT if you think it’s time to defund ALL of their funding!!