iPhone : martin day Miss you too! No one else to make us laugh in the mornings! Would you, Alex Williamson and Su consider doing a podcast? I read that’s what Danny Baker is intending to do to revive his show 🙂

HubSpot : "Green Bits has been indispensable in getting our store off the ground," said Danny Baker, owner of the Tulsa-based Bison Records Dispensary. "The platform has helped us make sales quickly and report activity to the state consistently." grbi.co/2NfMOsV

iPhone : Ivy 🍷 NCFC Exactly. Sort of a Barclay End “Sniffin’ Glue”. (Probably with Clive Baker instead of Danny Baker). Cut a head out of the EDP, put it on someone’s body, photocopy, voila! It’s all photoshop these days.

iPhone : Danny Baker Cherry Garden Pier is that near a pub called the Angel.. last time I went in there I was just thinking I’m in Danny Baker Country sure enough a copy of Going to sea in a sieve in their “library”..

Twitter Web Client : Andy Crawford David Lammy Consider the backlash Danny Baker quite rightly received for a ‘racist’ poor taste joke, but wasn’t advocating any violence.

This racist is clearly suggesting he would pour anything from water to acid over anyone white who disagrees with his bigoted views

Android : I just saw a clip of some dude saying Detroit wouldn’t be heavily regarded without Eminem. The city that birthed The Winans, The Clark Sisters, Aretha Franklin, The Temptations, Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson, Anita Baker, Danny Brown the list goes on lmaooo I’m sick