Android : Bingeing Love Island and the most dickhead move ever was Danny not only picking Arabella (who will obvs be all over the next guy to walk in) but also describing her as the "most intelligent" next to an effing scientist. #ImFumin

iPhone : #LoveIsland
the whole of the u.k. to arabella and danny

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iPhone : Joanna and Michael are like Arabella and Danny 2.0...It is creepy. Their focal point is Amber. #LoveIsland

iPhone : Micheal and Amber totally swayed that vote. Arabella got voted off cause Danny Picked her instead of Yewande. I like Maura both wow. Then Maura goes and hugs Micheal of course

iPhone : Yewanda miss treated Danny like a mate until Arabella came into the Villa. How salty can you get. Amber and Anna took it harder than her